Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy, Happy, Birthday Kate and Matt!!!

Today is a very special day!  It is Katherine and Matthew's 3rd birthday!  

To start off the day celebrating their special day, Matthew and I made chocolate chip muffins.  A breakfast favorite!  And my little guy loves to help me in the kitchen!

stirring the muffin mix

filling up the muffin cups.  and it is his job to first put the muffin cups in the pan.  

When the muffins were done I put candles in a muffin for Kate and Matt and we sang 'Happy Birthday'!  Singing and blowing out the candles were such a big hit they kept asking, "Do it again!  Do it again!"  So we definitely did!  Must listen to the birthday boy and girl's request. :)

I got it all on video:

This first video is a little longer - I tried asking a few 'interview questions' to Kate about things she likes at 3.

These kiddos are a bit confused about their age today.  Kate keeps saying she is 4 and Matthew holds up 5 fingers when we ask him how hold he is.   Lol!

Singing to Matthew.

I can't believe you two are already three years old already!  I am excited for your birthday and party this year as you understand more about birthdays, blowing out candles, and opening presents.  Both of you are very excited to see your family this weekend.  

Thanks for another wonderful year...but you two need to slow down and stop growing up so fast. :)

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