Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just like at the park!

Since we can't get outside and play on the playground at the park, we'll cheat and find one inside!  Kevin and I took the kids to Rainbow Play Systems in Bloomington, MN.  We also met some of our friends there Kelly: Joe and William and Allison: Lyida.  Kevin finally didn't have to work finally this Saturday, so I was happy he was able to come along on this play date!

Rainbow Play Systems is where you can buy some very cool (and pricey) swing sets.  Their store is a huge showroom where kids can come and play on all of the play sets.  They have a lot of swing sets with some pretty cool features - rock climbing wall, tunnels, big slides, swings, playhouses, and a jump house.  

It's a fun place for all ages.  Of course, Matthew was a lot more adventures!  Kate was content with either swinging on the swings or tire swing.  It was nice to have Kevin's help so we could split up and take turns helping Kate or Matthew.

Allison taking Lydia down the slide

Miss Kater, the lover of swings!  She kept telling us she was going to swing on the pink swings after we told her were going to a place where she could sit and swing.  Not sure where she came up with that.

Mr. No-Fear Rock Climber!  This kid's coordination amazes me (and determination to do it himself!)

Made it!

Their friend Joe (age 2)

Kelly and her new little one William (3 months)

Joe cheesing it again for the camera!

Lyida (1 year old)

More climbing...

Swinging again (sorry blurry action shot).

Someday Minnesota winter, we will get back outside and play again!  We had a fun morning playing with our friends!

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