Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Caroline's Baptism - 1.11.15

Jesus said...."Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, 
and teach them to do everything I have told you."
Matthew 28:18-20

On Sunday, January 11th, Caroline Joy was baptized at Fredsville Lutheran Church.  It was a perfect day filled with all of our family and friends.  Caroline wore my mom's baptism dress.  This dress has now been worn by my mom, myself, Kate, and Caroline.   

(Laughing, because if you know Caroline, you know she spits up A.LOT!  She, in her true fashion, spit up right in the baptismal font after Pastor finished baptizing her.  Definitely a memory we will have, and will laugh about, from this day!)

Feeling blessed God has given us this sweet little one to call our own.  Given the responsibility to raise her and teach her about His wondrous word and ways.  We pray she may always know her Father in heaven, walk in his ways, and feel His unconditional love for her.  She is perfect to Him and us!

Pictures with Caroline's sponsors - Kelly and Michael
Kevin's sister, Jenny, was also Caroline's sponsor but wasn't able to be with us since she lives in Colorado.

Aunt Kelly

Uncle Mike

Pastor Lisa - Thanks for a wonderful service.  Despite Caroline's frowns in these pictures, she really did love Pastor.  Caroline was happy during the church service as Pastor walked with her up and down the isle.

Pastor Lisa also baptized our twins, Katherine and Matthew.

Family Pictures

Grandma and Grandpa Dufel

Grandma and Grandpa Willms

Great-Grandma Ilene

After the church service we celebrated with a luncheon with all who attended.

"Dear little baby,
if only you knew
What wonderful blessings
are waiting for you, 
What joys and discoveries, 
what beautiful plans
The Lord has for you
as you're placed in His hands."

We can't wait to see what awesome plans the Lord has in store for you, Caroline.  Precious child of God.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

{Caroline Joy} 6 Months

Well, it quickly happened.  Our little baby has turned a half a year old already!  January 7th was Caroline's Half Birthday.  I can't believe that in 6 quick months I'll be planning her first birthday!

Caroline Joy
6 Months!

At SIX MONTHS you weigh 16 lbs and 6 oz (62nd %tile), are 26 inches (55th %tile), and your head circumference is 17 inches (78th %tile).  You are wearing size 3-6 month and 6 month clothing.  Diaper size is 2 but will be bumping you up when we finish all of them.  

At SIX MONTHS we joke that you are all cheeks.  I think 90% cheeks! :)  But we love your squishy cheekers and have definitely earned the nickname Cheeks!  Your other nicknames are: Caroliners, Liners, Liney, Liney-bear, Liner-biner, C, Liner-Lou

At SIX MONTHS we are working really hard on sleeping training in your crib- teaching you how to fall asleep on your own.  You have been spoiled loved these past months and been held for most naps and before you are put to bed.  Mommy needed you to take naps sleeping on your own and becoming more consistent in your sleeping schedule.

So far with sleep training, you have been taking 3 naps during the day.  You are awake for 2 hours and then start to get sleepy again.  Your naps haven't been very long at all!  It can range from 20 minutes to an hour.  Still not consistent, but hoping after you learn good sleeping habits, get used to your crib/room more, and learn to block out the sound of your very noisy siblings you'll start to sleep longer.  It also doesn't help that we are going many places during the day so you end up falling asleep in your car seat a lot - which you love!

At SIX MONTHS you have been going to bed around 7-8:00 at night.  You have been doing an awesome job with falling asleep on your own.  Mommy feeds you your last bottle in your room all swaddled up with the music and sound machine playing.  This helps calm you and gets you ready for sleep.  We snuggle a bit (which is my favorite time of the day) and then I put you in your crib.  You seem to really love it when we sing, 'Baby Jesus' (a song taught to us by Kate and Matt from Preschool) and are soothed to sleep to that song.  

You will wake up a few times during the night.  We just put your paci back in your mouth, rub your back, and you will usually give in and fall back asleep - after a few rounds of that.  Your favorite position to sleep is on laying on your left side.  You also love to sleep with your small muslin square blanket.  You like to feel the blanket and satin with your fingers and rub it on your cheeks as you start to fall asleep.  This sounds just like your big sister!

At SIX MONTHS you are eating 5 times a day at 5 oz each.  Some morning and nighttime bottles we will give you 6 oz.  You still spit-up a lot so we don't want to over feed you.  You also have tried rice cereal but didn't seem to like it at all.  Just tonight you had your feeding of baby food - green beans.  I don't think you minded the taste but still don't know how to handle the texture in your mouth.

At SIX MONTHS you now can roll over onto your tummy and are a pro!  You learned this skill last month.  You much rather prefer to lay on your tummy and play on a blanket with your toys than being on your back.   You aren't in the same spot we leave you anymore - rolling every which way. We also found you sleeping on your tummy in your crib.  This sometimes can keep you from falling asleep.  You roll to your tummy and then cry because you don't know how to get back to your back when you want to.   

At SIX MONTHS your favorite play spot is in the exersaucer.  You love that you can stand and play and see better what's going on around you.  This is important because watching your Kate and Matthew is your favorite!  Being around them (and their noise) is calming to you.  You find them very funny.  They can get you giggling loudly, make you smile, and keep you entertained.  Big sister Kate loves to give you hugs and talks to you a lot.  Matthew is more concerned and wants to make you comfortable by covering you up with his circle blanket or bring you toys or paci when you're crying.  Both are big helpers and LOVE YOU DEARLY!

At SIX MONTHS you keep you Mommy in your sights.  When you get tired or fussy you definitely want mommy and can have some separation anxiety when people leave the room.  

At SIX MONTHS you have such a relaxed, chill personality.  The only times you really fuss are when you're hungry or get over-tired.  You love, love to watch what's going on around you.  You calmly sit in your highchair, exercauser, or in our arms as you watch all of us.  You've been making some pretty funny faces when you get excited.  We can get the most giggles out of you when we play peek-a-boo or we dance around and sing like goof-balls.  You are such a sweetie who loves to be snuggled and we love to snuggle you!

Last month you celebrated your first Christmas and first New Years!  We had several Christmas get-togethers and you were a champ adapting to the crazy schedule.

Happy 1/2 Birthday!
We love you so much Liney-Bear!  Your big smiles and happy personality bring joy to all of us.  We couldn't imagine our family without you!