Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family Cheer

We might be a bit weird at the Willms' household.  Besides turning our every day tasks or conversations into a random musical or jingle, we like to shout out cheers with the twins. 
Remember the old cheer from school..."Stand up, Be proud, Shout your name, Out loud.  We are the____!"  We'll we've added a spin and it has become our family chant as we say our name's out loud.  Like a family role call.  Kevin and I just love when we hear Kate and Matthew say their first and last name and now will call us Mama Willms and Daddy Willms.
Unfortunately, we didn't get Matthew saying his name on this video.  But, I wish we would have.  He says it so cute and very drawn out...."Maaa-tt (long pause) W-i-ll-mms. (hard to describe it in typing it)
Katherine might be the next little cheerleader.  She definitely has the excitement and moves!  Cracks us up!
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun Family Day

Kevin was working crazy hours at the end of August.  July and August are a busy season in the summer for him.  Always numbers to be crunched. :)  Because of his crazy work schedule, the kids and I didn't get to see him very much.  Luckily another season is over and we've all survived!  The kids and I are happy to now have time to spend with daddy, and as always, love to once again greet daddy at the door when he's home from work.

To celebrate being done with yet another summer busy season, Kevin took some days off at the beginning of September.  We decided we would take one day here in the cities to do something fun with the twins.  Just the four of us. We were spending the rest of his vacation time back in Iowa for other fun events we had planned to do there. 

We decided on Como Town in St. Paul.  The perfect place to spend the day.  Como town has a variety of fun things and attractions for all ages.

We first took the twins to the Como Zoo.  

watching Sparky at the seal show

Both kids loved the zoo!  We then headed to the amusement park, Como Town.  This was Matthew and Katherine's first time riding amusement park rides.  I was hoping they would be interested and not too scared.  I was happily surprised that both kiddos were eager to hop on a ride.  

The first was the cars ride.  Kate decided she was going to ride, too!  Kevin and I were happy to see her jump right in, but knew her braveness might not last too long.  Once the ride started, she wanted off.  She reached for us every time she passed us.  I got it on video! (posted below)

keeps reaching for us each time

Matt, though, he was having a blast!  Taking the 'driving' responsibility very serious!

Car ride Video below:  (it's pretty cute, poor girl wanted off but stayed very brave. love her facial expressions.)

(you can make the video bigger if you click the full screen button on the bottom right corner.)

Next ride, since Kate's was clearly not going again, Daddy decided to ride the tea cups with Matthew.  (Matthew's choice)

patiently waiting in line with Daddy

Matthew loved going in circles and turning the wheel that made them spin faster!

Tea Cups Video:

"Choo-Choos!"  What we hear Matthew say all day!  He even takes his 'choo-choos' to bed with him...and maybe even a few of the train tracks as well.   

Matthew definitely had his eye on this ride right away!  It was a must on our agenda! 

He picked where he wanted to sit - the caboose.  Love, love his smile!  Makes me so happy!

The four of us had a great time and I can't wait to have more family days, just the 4 of us, in the future!