Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Fun!

January's weather gave us only a few nice days to play outside.  So when we had a weekend in the 30's Kevin and I knew that was our chance to finally get Kate and Matthew outside to play in the snow.!

The mini shovels were a big hit!  Daddy taught Matthew how to make snowballs and snow angels. 

It was a beautiful, calm winter afternoon.  I loved our time, just the four of us, playing in the snow and seeing their excitement.  We had a hard time getting Kate to come inside.  She wanted to stay and play all evening.  A true Minnesotan kid!  Hopefully we will get another opportunity to get back out in the snow.  This Polar Vortex has been a cold winter to remember!  These cold, frigid temps have to be over sometime..right? :)

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