Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Festivities

We had a fun Valentine's Day (week)!  Kate and Matt got to exchange valentine's with their classmates at their several classes during the week.  Matthew loved being a helper when passing out his and Kate's to his ECFE friends!  And of course, all of the candy they received was a bit hit!

On Valentine's Day, the three of us went over to our friends house for a Valentine's Day party.  The kids got to frost and decorate heart-shaped cookies.  The kids really liked frosting, but I think actually eating the cookie was the best part! 

Nicole, our gracious host and fabulous cookie maker, and her son Gavin.  
Gavin and Kate are bud-dies!  They love to play together and Kate especially loves it when Gavin chases her!  It's a little 2 year old romance. :)

Matthew and Gavin frosting cookies...or Matthew's licking more of the frosting than decorating!

Emily and her two boys Colby and Joshua

Decorating with Tater.  She only wanted to participate if she could sit on my lap.  The cookies didn't interest her.  This girl doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.  But she did enjoy playing with the M&M's.

Nicole's sweet baby girl, Hailey.   We also had a 6 week old little baby at our party, too!

After frosting cookies, and enjoying the sugar high, the kids played with all of Gavin's cool toys!

That evening after Kevin got home we had the twins open up their Valentine's cards and gifts.  Their 2 favorite Valentine's gifts we gave them were glow sticks and the movie, 'Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown'.  I think we have watched the movie everyday since!

The four of us then headed back over to our friend Nicole's house for a Valentine's Day supper.  It was a relaxing evening of eating pizza and watching the Olympics.  We enjoyed Nicole and Korwin's company, and I know the twins had a BLAST playing with Gavin and baby Hailey again!  In fact, Kate was so tired out from our Valentine's day, this is how she was when trying to get her coat on to go home that evening.  Completely out, fast asleep!  

We hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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