Thursday, September 27, 2012

happy 19 months & 18 month stats

Today the twins turn 19 months.  Here are the things that have been happening here last month at 18 months old.
Katherine Ilene:
* 18 month stats-
height: 32 3/4 inches - 80th %tile
weight: 27 pounds 7 oz - 85 %tile
* You've FINALLY started a few weeks ago calling us Dada and Mama! You started saying Dada first for over a week before calling me Mama. And of course you know your brother's name is Matthew and have been saying his name this past month.  You say his name very well!
* You can name all of the main characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You like to sing along to the beginning theme song and will also say each characters name as the characters do the role call portion.
* You have been a chatterbox this month.  We are amazed by how much you've been soaking in of what we say.  We find you remembering so many of the things we have told you by repeating names of things and songs. 
* Your top three favorite words this month were "No" (sometimes followed by "No Matthew"), "Hi", and "Cheetos".  Some of your new words are: gonna get you, Out You Go!, please, Happy Birthday, thank you, hot dog, outside, all done, oh wow, oh yes, oh no, open, nose, bye, counts some of 1 to 10, noodles, blocks, cow, fries and much more.
* This month your favorite foods were Cheetos, grapes, applesauce, pudding, Greek yogurt, and mac n' cheese.
* You are getting the hang of using a spoon but still will use your hands half way through eating.
* You love to be tickled by daddy on your belly and will now say, "Gonna get you", just like daddy says to you before tickling you.
* This month you started your music class, toddler incredible years class, and attend library story time at our local library each week.  The first couple of classes you have been very shy and seem scared to leave my side, but you're starting to venture around the room yourself.
* You love taking baths and don't mind if we dump the water over your head and face.
* You are still musical and will start singing by yourself a songs we sing to you.  You can usually tell which song you're singing. Your favorite ones to sing are Row, Row, Row your Boat, ABC's, and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
* When we ask you to point to your nose you point to your mouth....every time.
* You love to pretend you're talking on the phone.
Matthew Edward:
18 Month Stats -
Height: 32 and 1/4 inches - 50th %tile
Weight: 23 pounds 8 oz - 5th %tile
* You continue to be Mommy's lil' snuggler, especially in the morning.
* You have been a non-stop-teether!  Mr. Drool Bucket with a constant wet shirt neck!  Your top eye teeth came in this month.
* You must use a utensil when you eat...or so you think. :)
* You've started helping us get you in and out of your car seat by trying to help us with the seat buckle.  We moved your car seat forward facing.
* This month you started your music class, toddler incredible years class, and attend library story time at our local library each week. When we first get to class you're a bit timid, but once you see the toys, you're off and playing!
* You're favorite foods this month have been pudding, Greek yogurt, waffles, mac n' cheese, ham chunks, chips and dip, and cheese.
* You love animals especially dogs.
* You like to play in Kate's crib.
* You can crawl into the tub and turn on the faucet by yourself.
* When we say the word bath you grab a cup or bowl and dart for the bathroom door. Mommy and Daddy have to now spell out B-A-T-H to each other when we are talking otherwise when you hear the word and you think you're getting a bath.  (Avoiding a break down from happening.)
* You love it when we bury you in pillows and play the "Where is Matt?" game.
* You've been starting to show some early signs of the 'Terrible Twos' and will have mini break downs when you get frustrated and upset.
* You love getting into the pantry and taking the canned goods out.  You'll either place them all over the kitchen floor or reorganize them in the pantry for me.  So helpful!?
* You love to sit on the bench at the kitchen table and eat off a plate like a big kid.
* You do like to take toys away from Kate, but on the other hand you're great at sharing food with her and making sure she has her monkey blanket and sippy cup.

* You are close to opening doors.  You like to swing the door open and close.
* You can now just barely reach the water spout on the outside of the fridge.  Needless to say our kitchen floors and little boy are found all wet a lot.
Pictures! Attempted some family ones.
{Taken by our friend Kelly Kopp for fun when they were over hanging out - Thanks Kel!}

Great Aunt Mary was up visiting over Labor Day weekend and hung out with our she got to be in the photos, too!

Happy 19 Months Kate and Matt!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Towers, Mickey, & Cool Drinks

The mega blocks are one of Matthew's favorite toys.  Daddy and Matthew have a lot of fun building tall, tall towers together.  But once it gets too tall, Matthew has to knock it over.

Clapping because the tower is so high and not falling over

Pushing it around.  Daddy likes to start the tower on the wheels so it can be mobile.

Mommy and Kate were playing with one of Kate's favorite toys - Mickey Mouse figurine characters.

Miss Katherine can even say all of the Mickey Mouse characters' names.  I think all of the characters are her favorite.

She likes to stand them up in a line all together.

And crazy Matthew knocked it down and started tossing the blocks everywhere.

After playing inside, we decided to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and cold water from the hose.  The twins really love drinking from the hose.  I had to take more pictures.  The ones of Kate are my favorites.  She really gets her mouth open and tongue out!  She makes us laugh!

Get that tongue out!  My favorite!

Watering the yard just like dad.  The kids are now into imitating things we do.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

ECFE Toddler Music Class

I signed Kate and Matthew up for a music class through the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) offered by our county.  We have music class every Monday.  So far we've had 2 classes. 
I was a bit nervous taking on a class with the twins by myself.  As you know, 18 month old toddlers do not typically sit.  I didn't want to be the crazy mom chasing my kids around the room.  But I was more excited to have planned outings during the week, a time to meet other mom's, and have the twins play with other kids in a structured "school-like" setting.  I knew it was good for all three of us.  Plus, being an educator, I definitely eat all of this school stuff up!
So far Kate and Matthew have been a bit scared at the beginning of both classes.  Instead of running in opposite directions, I'm having to try and juggle two kids who are clung tight and wanting to be held.  It only takes Matthew a bit before he eyes the toys in the room and then he's off running to play.  He's more interested in playing with the kitchen set, blocks, and baby stroller than so much movin' and a grovin' to the music.  Miss Katers sticks by my side for most of the class.  She very much enjoys music and will try and sing and clap along with the songs.  I'm at least happy to have one child with me at the circle trying to participate. :)
My friend Rachel and her twin girls, Julia and Fiona, are in the music class with us.  Together we can help each other out with our two little ones.  Plus, it's nice to have our kids play together at class.
I took some pictures at today's class.
Matthew at the beginning of the class.  Loves pushing the baby stroller around.  I know it's a baby stroller, but he doesn't care, it's something to push and steer.

Using the scarves while we sing.

Rachel and Julia

Fiona and Matthew hung out playing with the toys for a lot of the class.

Playing house

Using the cash register scanner as a phone. ;)

Julia 're-arranging' the board for the teacher during the song.

The cute matching Adidas track suits are from Great-Aunt Mary!  Love them!


Looking kind of pimp in this picture - popped collar and serious expression.
"Oh yeah, I got a shaker!"

Dancing using the pom poms two kiddos!
Friday's we also have another class through the ECFE called "Incredible Years".  I'll try and take some pictures from that class as well. 
This Mommy is enjoying and soaking up this time at class with the twins!