Monday, February 3, 2014

Class Day!

I'm Back!!!!  Sorry for the loooong break these past few months!  But, I'm finally back! :)

This morning, Kate and Matthew had their 2/3 year old ECFE class.  They started this Monday class back in the fall.  Today the kids and I go to the class together.  We start together for the first hour and then parents separate for the second hour.  I always enjoy that hour with just the mommies (and some daddies, too!) to connect, get advice, and share our joys and concerns of parenting.  

We are now into the second semester so the class also meets on Wednesdays.  But get's awesome for me....Wednesdays are a KIDS ONLY CLASS day!  I've never had a 2 hour break before on a weekly basis where I can run errands alone or sit in peace and quiet in a coffee shop!  This one day a week of separating is to help the kiddos ease into dropping for when they go to 3 year old preschool next fall.  I jumped all over this class opportunity because Kate and Matthew don't get very many times to separate from me staying at home with them every day.  I knew it would be good for them and good for me!  

Last Wednesday was our first class where I dropped them off at their class door.  I am happy to report that no tears were shed (by neither them or me!).  Kate surprised me!  I asked her for a kiss and then she followed up with asking me for a little hug.  We exchanged hugs and kisses and she told me good-bye.  She then was on her way to play.  Wow!  She has grown so much since last year when separating was a crying struggle every time!  It makes me feel so good to see her excitement about being at school and hearing her talk about her teacher Miss Catie.

I took some pictures on my phone at class today.  The theme for this week is Winter.  

They painted with ice cube water colors.

Huge ice cubes at the sensory table!

Made a soft, fuzzy polar bear!

And did some playing before circle time started.

I took this picture to show how independent they have become.  Such a big boy washing his hands himself!  He loves to pump the soap in his hands to make bubbles!

During circle time the teacher reads books and we sing songs.  One of the winter themed songs we sang today was, '5 Little Snowmen'.  It's a catchy tune!  After class Kate and I were coloring at home and she was singing this song over and over again.  I took a video of her singing so sweetly!

We had a fun morning.  I'm so thankful for these opportunities for the three of us!

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