Sunday, September 7, 2014

90 years young

Today is a very special day!  It's Grandpa Bernhardt's 90th birthday!

Today we celebrated with just immediate family.  A perfect family gathering to celebrate Grandpa's 90 years and many more to come!  We love you!

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Ilene

Grandpa with his kids, grand kids, and great-grand kids

The out-laws representing! ;)

Yummy cake, great-grandpa!

Getting a chance to hold baby Caroline.  The oldest and youngest family members!  Today Great-Grandpa turned 90 years old and Caroline 2 months.

We all had a fun day of celebrating!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Preschool - Here we come!

This morning Kate and Matthew started Preschool!  What?!  I know!  I can't believe either that they are old enough now for Preschool!

Both Kate and Matthew have been pumped to start Preschool and talked about it a lot this summer.  It was their big motivator for being potty trained.  They worked very hard on it this past month!  (Which by the way, not a fan of potty training!!!)  They loved pointing out their new school as we would pass it on our way in and out of town asking if they could go now and play.  

St. John's Lutheran Preschool
September 2, 2014 - Miss Melissa & Miss Blair

St. John's Lutheran Preschool
September 2, 2014 - Miss Melissa & Miss Blair

Had to get some pictures outside of their preschool!

Standing by their own cubbies and were super excited to hang up their backpacks! 

Preschool today was a success!!  No tears for anyone at drop-off this morning!  Seeing the kids happy with their new teachers made this process a lot easier for me and helped this mama not shed any tears.   I'm so proud of them for being so brave and today I'm especially thankful for all of the ECFE classes in MN the twins were took as they helped ease the nerves for all of us!

When asking them afterwards what their favorite part of the day was, they responded:
Kate: "Singing the 'Wheels on the Bus' song!"  And then she continued to sing me the WHOLE song complete with actions!
Matthew: "Playing outside!"

They are going to have such a fun time this school year!