Wednesday, September 5, 2012


August was the month of birthdays for our families.  I celebrated my 29th birthday on August 8th.  Last birthday in my 20's.  Not sure how I feel about that. 
I celebrated with some of our friends a few days before at our house for a grill out.  Then on my birthday, Kevin and I had a date night out thanks for our friend Lindsay for babysitting.  We had dinner in St. Paul and saw the new Batman movie.  I'm a bit of a dork and love those Batman, Spiderman, etc types of movies. It was nice to get out and enjoy a meal and great conversation with my hubby...with no kid interruptions. ;)

Our friends surprised me with a birthday cake and sang to me. :)  Kate's enjoying their singing.
On the 14th, Kevin's Grandma Ilene celebrated her 80th birthday!  The four of us were back the weekend before for his uncle's wedding, so we weren't able to celebrate with her on her birthday.  And because of that no pictures with her.  boo!  But here are a few back from February when she came up and visited! 

Ilene is a wonderful Grandma and Great-Grandma!  Wow, 80 years!  You are such a special lady to all of us!  Someone who we admire and hope to be like.  Kevin and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with you and now love having the twins spend time with you so they can know how special of a great-grandma they have!
For 2 weeks in a row, my mom came up and stayed with us.  Kevin was super, super busy - like we for don't see him much at all busy - the last part of August.  Yay for my mom coming up and helping me with the twins!  She loved it and I enjoyed having the help and company.  We were able to make many trips to the park, run errands, and complete tasks around the house.  While she was here she celebrated her birthday, I won't say how old, on August 19th.  Since her birthday fell over the weekend, my sister and her two kids came up to celebrate with us. 
Of course I had to get some pictures with her and the grand kids on her birthday.
Kate loves to be pushed in the swing!

Great picture of Grandma and Katers

Allie (age 3) and Grandma

Silly Aunt Kelly making Kate laugh up a storm.

Aunts are the best!

Of course, Matthew is playing in his car.

Thought maybe this might be the only way Grandma was going to get a picture with Matty.

Cute picture of Grandma and Allie, but Matthew wasn't at all interested in posing. :)

Finally a good one with Matthew!

Playing together

Andrew (age 10) and Grandma
Grandma, we had a great day celebrating with you!  You're an amazing mom and loving grandma!  I couldn't be more thankful that God has blessed me with you as my mom!  We appreciate all you do for us and are always so willing to help out with whatever it might be.  Love you!
Thanks again for all of your help with the twins during your visit.  It definitely helped to make the days go a lot easier and smoother while Kevin was working the long hours.  And I know the twins enjoyed having Grandma around...someone else to play with and help take them to the park!
Then to end the month, Great-Aunt Mary had a birthday on August 26th.  She was just up here for Labor Day weekend and the twins had a blast with her! 
Happy August birthdays!

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