Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Towers, Mickey, & Cool Drinks

The mega blocks are one of Matthew's favorite toys.  Daddy and Matthew have a lot of fun building tall, tall towers together.  But once it gets too tall, Matthew has to knock it over.

Clapping because the tower is so high and not falling over

Pushing it around.  Daddy likes to start the tower on the wheels so it can be mobile.

Mommy and Kate were playing with one of Kate's favorite toys - Mickey Mouse figurine characters.

Miss Katherine can even say all of the Mickey Mouse characters' names.  I think all of the characters are her favorite.

She likes to stand them up in a line all together.

And crazy Matthew knocked it down and started tossing the blocks everywhere.

After playing inside, we decided to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and cold water from the hose.  The twins really love drinking from the hose.  I had to take more pictures.  The ones of Kate are my favorites.  She really gets her mouth open and tongue out!  She makes us laugh!

Get that tongue out!  My favorite!

Watering the yard just like dad.  The kids are now into imitating things we do.

Happy Wednesday!

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