Monday, September 17, 2012

ECFE Toddler Music Class

I signed Kate and Matthew up for a music class through the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) offered by our county.  We have music class every Monday.  So far we've had 2 classes. 
I was a bit nervous taking on a class with the twins by myself.  As you know, 18 month old toddlers do not typically sit.  I didn't want to be the crazy mom chasing my kids around the room.  But I was more excited to have planned outings during the week, a time to meet other mom's, and have the twins play with other kids in a structured "school-like" setting.  I knew it was good for all three of us.  Plus, being an educator, I definitely eat all of this school stuff up!
So far Kate and Matthew have been a bit scared at the beginning of both classes.  Instead of running in opposite directions, I'm having to try and juggle two kids who are clung tight and wanting to be held.  It only takes Matthew a bit before he eyes the toys in the room and then he's off running to play.  He's more interested in playing with the kitchen set, blocks, and baby stroller than so much movin' and a grovin' to the music.  Miss Katers sticks by my side for most of the class.  She very much enjoys music and will try and sing and clap along with the songs.  I'm at least happy to have one child with me at the circle trying to participate. :)
My friend Rachel and her twin girls, Julia and Fiona, are in the music class with us.  Together we can help each other out with our two little ones.  Plus, it's nice to have our kids play together at class.
I took some pictures at today's class.
Matthew at the beginning of the class.  Loves pushing the baby stroller around.  I know it's a baby stroller, but he doesn't care, it's something to push and steer.

Using the scarves while we sing.

Rachel and Julia

Fiona and Matthew hung out playing with the toys for a lot of the class.

Playing house

Using the cash register scanner as a phone. ;)

Julia 're-arranging' the board for the teacher during the song.

The cute matching Adidas track suits are from Great-Aunt Mary!  Love them!


Looking kind of pimp in this picture - popped collar and serious expression.
"Oh yeah, I got a shaker!"

Dancing using the pom poms two kiddos!
Friday's we also have another class through the ECFE called "Incredible Years".  I'll try and take some pictures from that class as well. 
This Mommy is enjoying and soaking up this time at class with the twins!

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  1. Oh-Em-Gee...LOVE the popped collar photo of Matthew!!! Love all the pics. Wish M and I were there with you and Rachel and the kiddos!