Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Mermaid Party

Today, our niece Allie turns 4 years old!  Happy Birthday, Miss Allie B! 

Over the weekend we traveled down to Des Moines to celebrate her 'Little Mermaid' themed party.  She loves, loves, loves the Disney princesses.  She gets very excited when she sees anything Disney princess. 
If you're going to have a Little Mermaid party, you definitely need to dress like her.  She wore her  mermaid costume all day!  She literally put it on in the morning and didn't take it off until she went to bed.  She looked adorable!


Such a sweetheart
Time for presents.  It was so fun to watch her face light up with excitement after every gift that was princesses!

"I really wanted this!"

Opening the gift from us.  One of the things we got her was the Disney Brave costume dress.

I also made her a  Little Mermaid 'Happy 4th Birthday Allie' banner.  Had fun using my crafty side once again.

My brother and his family
Time to play outside.  The twins played on the trampoline for the first time and loved it.  Kate couldn't get enough of it.  Once you stopped bouncing she would start to cry and move her body up and down to let you know to start jumping again.  She would sit there all day being bounced if you'd let her.

Matthew enjoyed running around on the trampoline.

Totally static hair!

She was laughing up a storm the whole time.  Big, deep belly laughs.  So funny to watch her!

Grandma Carol and Matthew

Princess Uncle Brian?

Aunt Melissa and Katers

Mommy and my girl

Trying to get a photo with daddy.
While we were in Des Moines, we also were able to visit two of our friends' newly born babies - Hudson Schmitz and Elaina Lehman.  Loved holding the new little babies and visiting with our friends.
It was a super busy weekend crammed with lots of stuff, but we had a lot of fun!
Happy Birthday, Allie!  We're so happy to celebrate with you princess style!

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