Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting early

Daddy's already teaching the twins how to play golf.  The game he loves and loves to hate at the same time. 
One of their favorite things to do outside is chase the golf balls down after Daddy chips them in the backyard.  Matthew could spend hours hunting down the golf balls and carrying them around.  Sometimes hogging all of them so daddy has none to hit.

 We definitely need to get this little boy his own set of "little kid" golf clubs!

Helping Daddy find the perfect spot to hit the golf ball.

Loves carrying them around

Kates turn to swing

Little side tracked by the leaves...
Watch out Tiger Woods because you might see Matthew Willms making your pro-tour soon! Ha! ;)
Matthew's top 3 favorite outside activities:
1. Playing with water in the water table or filling up containers at the hose
2. Riding/driving his car all over the yard.  He waves good-bye to us when he hops in his car.
3. Chasing after the golf balls that Daddy hits or playing golf.
Katherine's top 3 favorite outside activities:
1. Being pushed in the swings.
2. Walking all around the yard picking up leaves, rocks, and grass.  She'll then carry those items with her the rest of her time outside.
3. Playing in the water from the hose.
(Kate would probably love the car, but brother won't let her have anytime with it!)

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