Monday, August 27, 2012

Continued....17 Month Stats

Here are the new skills and fun things the twins have done at 17 months.
(July 27th - August 27th)
Katherine Ilene:
* You learned how to 'sign' the word for more and will say "mo" as you sign it. 
* You can climb up onto the couch.

* The two top teeth on each side of your front teeth came in.
* Your favorite book to have us read to you is, Aaaaaargh Spider!, and you will have us read it over and over again to you.
* Lately you have been trying to copy many of the words I say.  I find myself saying something and then I hear a little echo voice repeating the last word I said.  New words: Matthew, no, juice, puppy, Goofy, Pluto, Meow's like a cat, Moo's like a cow, grapes, you try and count 1 2 3,
* You love singing!  You can pick up on a tune of a song very fast.  As we sing you will join in and try and sing along saying words that are similar to ours.  You like to sing the "ABC's", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", "Jesus Loves Me", and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".
* You still love playing with the Sesame Street number and word cards.  Your favorite card is the 'M for Mail' card with Zoe on it.  You always seem to find that card and will carry it around the house with you.  Your few other favorite cards also have Zoe on them, too.  I guess you like her. :)
* You like to play outside and look at the leaves and rocks.  You usually pick a favorite leaf and rock to carry around with you as you play.
* You like going to the park.  Not so much for playing on the equipment, but rather to socialize with the other people who are there.  You like to walk around and say "hi" to them as you see them.
* You have loved fruit this past month.  Your two favorites were watermelon and grapes. 
* You continue to remain patient with your brother.  When he takes a toy away from you, you will get upset, but quickly move onto playing with something new. 
* You will now place your sippy cup in the holder on your highchair when you're eating.  Yay!  We have less sippy cups just being tossed around at our house.
* You're starting to only want to eat foods that aren't cut up into pieces.  You want to be a big girl and take bites yourself.
* You love goofing around and being tossed around by Daddy.  He can really get you laughing!
* You went to your first wedding for your Great Uncle Steve Bernhardt on August 11th in Cedar Rapids.
Matthew Edward:
* Learned how to climb up our bed which is pretty high up there for a little guy!
* Can 'sign' for the word "more" and say something that sounds like "Maaa, Maaa" for more.

* You got in all 4 of your 2 year molers all at once!  Needless to say, this month was a hard one in the teething department.  Lots of restless, early mornings and short naps while you got them in.  We felt so bad for our little guy.
* You have been a little garbage disposal eating a lot each meal.  You love breakfast and eat the most at that meal.

* Loves chips and dipping them into any dips or salsa's he can.
* We are just so amazed with all of the directions you can follow from us.  You go to your bedroom with your blanket when we say it's time for night, night.  You get your shoes and sit down on the step for us to put them on when we say we're going outside.  You climb into the stroller when we say it's time for a walk.  Get out a sippy cup when you're thirsty and go to the fridge.  Will hand sister her sippy cup or blanket when we ask you to get it.
* You like climbing onto the kitchen table which is a no, no!  You try and climb into your highchair seat from the top of the table.
* Right now you love any toy or plastic container you can fit shaped blocks through or just put stuff in and take it out.  It's simple things like putting in and taking out the tennis balls from the canister.  You love it when I count the tennis balls as you put them back in.  Then we clap and you join in, getting a huge smile on your face, and then dump out the balls and start again.
* I think you wheel yourself around on your fire truck more than you walk around the house.  You really are a great driver!  The fire truck is definitely your favorite toy!

* Loves to wave!  You will wave at cars that go by outside and wave good-bye to us when you're going to bed.
* You love, love to play outside in the yard or go to the park.  You beg me to take you outside all day.  Beg by bringing me your shoes and then stand by the sliding door motioning to take you out.  You get a bit upset we can't go when you want to.
* Your favorite thing to do at the park is going down the slides.  You don't seem to be afraid of any of them.  We've let you go down a lot of them by yourself with us catching you at the bottom.
* You've got a good throwing arm.  We like to try and play catch outside with you and you can get some pretty fast throws. :)
* You would be happy playing in water all day.  You're fascinated with filling up containers.
* You like the toy shopping cart I bought for Kate.  You love climbing up and sitting in it while someone pushes you around.  Dare devil!
* You went to your first wedding for your Great Uncle Steve Bernhardt on August 11th in Cedar Rapids.

Thanks for all of the smiles and laughs you give us everyday Katers and Matty!

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