Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We finally had a short time of real spring weather the week after Easter.  The twins and I enjoy being outside and miss it after being stuck inside all week with this non-stop rainy weather!

Miss Katherine has been inseparable from her skirt (from her Easter outfit) and Tangled (Disney movie) tiara.  She sports these two items all.of.the.time!  From the minute she wakes up it goes over her jammie pants and continues with any outfit whether it matches or not.  So pretty much the only time she's not wearing either of them is nap and bedtime.  It's pretty cute and I can't lie - it's fun to finally see a little girly side come out. 

A saying "Cheese!" smile

The twins loved blowing bubbles for each other to run and try and catch.  

trying to catch the bubbles 

Hopefully we can get back outside real soon!  

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