Monday, April 7, 2014

26 Weeks - Baby #3

This little one has made it to 26 weeks on Saturday, April 5th! 
The baby at 26 weeks now weighs about 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches (about the size of a scallion) from head to heel.
Yes, can you believe Kate actually posed for another pregnancy photo shoot?!  I asked her and she was more than willing and quickly ran into our previous photo spot.  I love how her Sofia the First doll also made the pictures. :)

Kate likes to tell us that she also has a baby in her tummy!

We asked Matthew what we should name the baby if it's a boy and he replied, "Baby Kate".

I heard the baby's heart beat several times this past week.  He/she has been ranging between 140-152 bpm.

Last weekend I was experiencing more contractions throughout the day.  A lot of those came in the evenings which was a typical pattern with my uterus with the twins' pregnancy.  Even after laying down and drinking lots and lots of water the contractions were picking up to be as much as 6 in one hour a few different times.  Because of their frequency I called my Obgyn.  I then went in to see her and to have a Fetal fibronectin test done.  This test is done to see if I were to go into labor within the next 2 weeks.  Luckily, the test came back negative so the chances of that are less than 1%!  I also had another ultra sound done that same day to check my cervical length just in case these contractions were causing it to shorten.  My cervix still measured around 4 c.m. give or take and is still closed/not dilated. 

To help minimize my contractions I now take nifedipine on an as needed basis every 6 hours.  I was on this drug around the clock the whole time while on bed rest with the twins.  So...I'm very familiar with it!  

During this ultra sound I did get to see Baby Willms and he/she has grown so much since last time at 20 weeks.  Everything looked great - checked blood flow, body parts, and major organs.  I actually got to see Baby W. yawn!  It was so cool! 
Here are a few pictures from that ultra sound:

We're so happy to hear everything continues to grow normally with our little baby and he/she is able to stay put this far!

The baby's movements are getting stronger now where I can now see my stomach move up and down from the movements. 

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