Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bedtime Singing

Sometimes after we read the twins their bedtime stories, we leave the light on for a little while longer so they can sit and read to themselves before falling asleep.  I had left the room and while I was cleaning up toys, I heard this cute little voice singing the ABC's as she was reading her new Eye Spy Alphabet book.  A book that she absolutely loves and reads to herself or asks us to read to her over and over again!  She just loves alphabet!!!!

I also love these moments when they are in their room talking back and forth with each other.  It's fun to listen to what kinds of conversations they have and makes me so happy to see the friendship they have and will continue to have. 

I love it after Kate finishing singing the first time she laughs and says, "I did it!"  She's so cute! :)

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