Friday, April 11, 2014

Foto Friday - Our Week

Matthew goes to speech class twice a week.  I drop him off for the hour an a half class.  He has to take his own backpack and I must say he looks adorable wearing it.  I had to get a picture. The backpack looks so big on him.

On Tuesdays we head to the library for story time with our friends.  

Kate and her friends, Gwendolyn and Conrad

BFF's Gwendolyn and Kate

Katherine and Matthew love going to their ECFE classes!  I took some pictures from class on Monday.  They are learning about animals!

Animal painting!

Caging in the zoo animals.

Princess Kate!  She's been rocking this crown everywhere.  But I am sad to report that both of her crowns have now broke and I can't find another at the store.  Bummed because she looks so cute in it.

Circle Time

Class picture

Their teacher did a pretty good job of getting all of those 3 year olds to sit nicely for a picture!

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