Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yes!!!  Yay!  Yippee!!!  I can't express to you how excited I am that I've made it to 24 weeks!  As a normal pregnant women.  Up walking around.  Not confined to my side in a bed.  Free to roam around!

This past Saturday, I made it to the 24 weeks mark!  By this time today I was admitted onto bed rest at United Hosptial.  I would be a week into it already.  I'm thrilled and relived that so far we aren't feeling those same emotions we felt at this point in the twins' pregnancy.  

Last Friday, I had my last cervix ultrasound with our high risk doctors.  Thankfully we received amazing news that all is going well and my cervix is remaining nice and long at 4 cm.  Praise God for listening to our prayers and answering!

I know we still have 4 more months to go until our baby's July due date a lot could still change, but for right now we are celebrating these mini-milestones along the way.  Baby steps, taking it week by week.  And remembering to take it easy and drink lots of water to control the contractions I do have during the day.

This past week I also had my regular every 4 week check-up with our regular Obgyn.  I got to listen to little Baby Willms' heartbeat again.  Always a wonderful sound!  He/she's heart was beating at 140 bpm.  

I think the twins are starting to understand Mama has a baby in her tummy.  To help not put pressure on my cervix I am not suppose to lift the kids much (which is very hard to do!!).  We are constantly telling them, "Mama can't lift you because of the baby in my tummy."  The other day I over heard Kate tell Matthew, in a very motherly voice, "No, Matthew.  Mama can't give you a piggy back ride.  She has a baby in her tummy."

Matthew also asked while I was getting ready in the morning if the baby could come out and play. :)

I was asking Kate what we should name the baby.  I was going through several different name ideas and each name she would say, "No, not that name."  So I asked if she had any better names and she replied back, "Hmmm, Baby 24."  Lol!  That's a good name if I were having a litter of children! 

Do you like my little photo bomber in the background. :)

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