Friday, April 26, 2013


As I am watching the twins color it reminds me how much I love this age.  Minus the temper tantrums.  As we are coloring I hear Kate's excitement about each new color she picks up.  She shouts out loud to me the color of each crayon in a way that makes both of us feel so proud.  Her sweet voice melts my heart.  We clap together for naming the colors correctly.  I say, "Good job, Kate!"  And then she always responds back to me, "Good job, Momma!"  Love that she also tells me good job.  A response she always says back to me.

As I watch Kate also line up each crayon on the floor, I see Matthew contently sitting coloring away.  He had such a look of concentration as he focuses on coloring in the designs on the page.  And at times would have me take his hand to help color together so he can better color in the lines.  He occasionally jabbers something as he's coloring, but most of the time stays quiet and focused.  

Even though Kate and Matt are twins, I'm reminded today during our coloring activity how they still are their own individual.  Both love doing things together, but definitely have their own interests in the activity.  I love this about having twins.  As a parent it's fun to witness your child learning as they develop their area of strengths.  Kate is very verbal and can tell you all about shapes, colors, animals, and will have a conversation with you.  Where as Matthew is more physical.  He seems to be more coordinated, braver in newer situations, and is so observant to his environment.  He's improving everyday on his speech, but his receptive language is amazing.  I can tell his little guy a list of directions and he'll following them with no problems.  

As they have gotten older, I am seeing more of their little personalities develop.  They also have shown such a great love for each other over the past few months.  Both kind of "mother" the other.  Lately if Kate sees Matt crying on the floor, she'll lay down next to him and ask, "Matthew what's the matter?  Are you okay?"  Or if Matt finds Kate's monkey blanket or her sippy cup he's grabbed it and brought it to her.  Our days at home are lately filled with their favorite activity - chasing each other around the house.  The sounds of their laughs and language amongst the two of them is priceless.  I know they would be lost without each other around.  Kevin and I love to see them interact and look forward to the years ahead as they will play more and more together.  Forever best friends! 

He looks so cute in his color position

"Cheese, Momma!"

his little feet

figuring out he can stick crayons between his toes

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