Monday, April 22, 2013

Grandpa Dufel Visits

My dad came up the middle of last week to visit the twins and I while Kevin was gone on a business trip.  It was nice to have his extra help with the kiddos and to do a few "fix-it" tasks around the house.  

While my dad was here he went along to the twins' ECFE class on Friday.  I took a few pics of him helping Kate and Matt with their art projects.

The twins loved having Grandpa come to class with them.  Kate didn't want to leave his side the whole time. A nice change for me so I could play with Matthew easier.  And while at circle time, both kids wanted to sit with Grandpa.  It was definitely weird not having a kid or kids sitting on my lap all of the time.  It was cute to watch their love for their grandpa.

After class, the 4 of us headed to Iowa for the weekend.  I wanted to go back to celebrate my nephew's birthday on Saturday.  On our way home we stopped for some lunch, and of course, had K and M's two favorites - nuggets and fries!

Saturday back in Iowa we celebrated cousin Evan's 8th birthday.  We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, yummy!!  The twins love their chips and salsa and sat great and ate while we were there.  I took a few pictures on my phone with cousin Allie and Grandpa.

Silly cheesers!

Tickling Katers

Grandpa Wing Nut!

Sunday Kevin's parents took the kids and I back.  We met Kevin half way, did the car seat and luggage swap, had lunch, and then the four of us headed towards MN.

The twins were awesome car riders!

Playing with Mommy's sunglasses

Another fun trip back!

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