Tuesday, April 2, 2013


"Ball!"  That's the word we have heard over and over again ever since this past Friday when the twins finally were able to play outside.  The poor kid just stands by the door pointing to outside repeating the word ball over and over again.  We all have been cooped up too long over this never ending long winter.
Good Friday back in Iowa was a nice, warm, upper 50's spring day.  The twins enjoyed running around and playing balls and riding tricycles with both sets of grandparents.  It was great to run off some energy.
This crazy weather pattern is a little teaser for all of us!  Warmer weather, where are you??


He kicks...
shoots, and...

{love this little man!}

kicking the ball to grandpa

this green ball was a favorite for both K and M

 "I got it, I got it"
Daddy showing Matt how to make snowballs
The tricycle was a big hit with the twins.  This was their first time riding on it.  Matthew seemed to catch on quickly on how to ride it.  His little legs are a little short, but he knew he needed to put his feet on the pedals.  Now to figuring out how to pedal it himself.  I think we might need to get a tricycle for our house.

All smiles

 The twins did a great job with sharing the tricycle.  When Grandma Joyce would tell one of them their turn was up he/she got off and let the other hop on.

Pushing the other one was also a lot of fun.  I love these pictures of their 'team work'.

love her baby blues
Hopefully it will warm up by the end of the week here and we can get back outside!

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