Friday, May 3, 2013

Foto Friday

Because our nights this week have been a bit busy with teaching a little boy how to sleep in his new big boy bed, I'll leave you with pictures of the past weekend.  We played outside every chance we could, went to the park several times, and had our first BBQ with our friends of the season.  Finally Minnesota warmed up enough to play outside, but now, we welcomed snow yet again this morning.!

Friday - playing with their new bike and sidewalk chalk

why not sidewalk chalk while you ride?  multi-tasking.

notice the pink chalk in his right hand?  it never left his side.  never shared it with Kate.  this kid has a love for pink.  

looks like he's riding his Harley with the high and wide handlebars.  he's still figuring out how to pedal, but for now, uses his feet to push himself around.  he loves his new bike!

he heads to the basket,

he shoots,

slam dunk!  and the neighborhood goes wild!

Kate rides the firetruck since brother's not givin' up the bike (or the pink piece of chalk)

"hi momma!"

wearing a lot of the blue chalk

giving the pedals a try

Saturday & Sunday - bubbles, golfing, and driving their Gator in the backyard

Matt's a bit of a wild driver in his new Gator from my brother!  He steps on the gas pedal but no steering is involved.

"we're going fast momma!"

bubbles are going to be a new summer favorite this year.  all we heard this weekend from Matt was, "bubbles, bubbles".  nice talking buddy!

Our  lil' golfers!

getting some swing tips from daddy

loves to chase after the ball after daddy hits it

high school golf team picture pose

Matt's turn

"nice shot dad, I'll get the ball for ya!"

following each other

pretty girl

thinking or assessing her shot options

Mommy and Katers

their outside balance beam.  matt likes it if kate follows him down and back the rock trim.

looking back making sure she's following

Now, we just need it to warm up because these two munchkins are begging to go back outside again!

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