Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week in cell phone pics

Last weekend my friend Natalie, who lives in Idaho, came to visit.  Despite sick kids and adults, we all had a great time and enjoyed some time shopping and relaxing at home watching movies.  It was fun to have a long weekend to spend time with Natalie and have her hang out with Kate and Matt.  I wish we lived closer so our families could spend lots of time together.  We've already decided that our sets of twins are going to marry each other down the road. :)

Saturday Natalie wanted to go to the Mall of America to specifically shop at the Disney Store for her boy and girl twins.  Because Kate had been running a fever since Thursday, I decided to take Matthew with us shopping to make it easier for Kevin to watch just Kate.

Matt having fun with the magical mirror at the Disney Store.  You wave the wand to make it work...sorry Kevin. ;)

Sunday Matthew ended up catching the virus bug from Kate and by Monday both Kevin and I were coming down with it as well.  So fun sharing!  Since we were all sick we spent most of the week at home.  Even Kevin worked from home a few days. 

During the week the twins had fun playing with their new name puzzles they got for their birthday.

love seeing them working on the puzzles together

Some morning snuggle time taking funny faces pictures

Matthew's self picture

Morning fruit smoothies 

Enjoyed me chasing them around the house.  Picture of Kate looking back at me saying, "Get me!", right before I chased her.

A little blurry but loved her cute smile.

Thursday night I had a girls' night out with my friend Rachel.  We went to a Wine and Canvas class in Stillwater.  Here is the beautiful pictures we painted of 'A Starry Night in Downtown St. Paul".

Friday's Incredible Years Class:
Matthew's art project

I love his look of concentration the whole time

Beautiful work, Buddy!

playing together

Saturday playing in the hamper with Daddy

On to starting a new week.  Hoping this week starts with kids becoming completely sick free!

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