Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 year Stats!

2 year photos taken by Sarah Barnsten -
The twins are up to so much at age 2, but here is a list of likes, dislikes, stats, new skills, fun facts of where and what they are up to now.
Katherine Ilene:
Height: 35.75 inches - 93%tile
Weight: 30 lbs - 85%tile
Head: 19.5 cm - 93%tile
BMI: 16.5 - 55%tile

Diaper Size - 5's during day and night
Clothing Size - 2t and 3t shirts and 2t pants

Favorite Food - peanut butter toast, cinnamon sugar bagel with plain cream cheese, fruit snacks, cheese, chicken noodle soup, french fries, apples, bananas, pizza, doughnuts

Favorite Songs - Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald had a Farm, Row, Row, Row your Boat, ABC's
Favorite Books - "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "Aaaaarrrgh, Spiders!", "Goodnight Moon"
Lover of - animals and making their animal noises, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, shapes (circles are her favorite!), monkey blanket, being held, baths, juice, balloons, being tickled and chased by Daddy, Noodles & Company's mac n' cheese
Favorite Phrases - "Hi Mama/Daddy", "Ta-da!", "I got it, I got it!", "I'm so tall", "Oh, thank you Mama/Daddy", "Sit down please", "Oh,'s Captain Hook!" (while watching Jake and the Pirates, as she calls it), "That tickles", "Get Me!", "I'm okay", "Going to Grandma and Grandpa's house", "Good Morning, Mama"
Favorite Toys - Mickey and Minnie Mouse (and characters) figurines, books, coloring, puzzles, Minnie tea set, measuring cups and spoons, magnets

* Knows shapes: circle, square, rectangle, star, triangle, heart, and oval

* Can count all by herself to 12 consistently and sometime 15 with help.  Will randomly count backwards by herself from 10 to 1.

* Knows colors: red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange

* Such a talker!  Will repeat most everything we ask her to say or will imitate and repeat back what we say in our everyday conversations

* Has had 2 haircuts

* Knows so many animals and can do all of their noises. 

* Saw your first movie, "The Croods", at the movie theater.  The four of us went and had a blast!  You kept saying, "Going to the moonies (movies)."  You would laugh at the funny parts when you'd hear everyone else laugh.  So cute to see you smiling throughout the whole moonie! :)

* You love to sing songs and dance around in circles which then makes you very dizzy!

* Loves to look at family pictures and list off every one's name.

* Celebrated your 2nd birthday party on March 9th.  It was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party.

* Your top two canine teeth are the last ones left for you to get.  They are just now staring to poke through.  Once they are in, then all you have are the rest of your molars.

* A month after your 2nd birthday we took away the pacifier.  You didn't like the first few days without them and through a number or tantrums.
* Dislikes: having your face wiped, not a fan of drinking just water, and still struggles with going poopies but better than where we were a few months ago.

* Hearing you say, "Love you, Mama/Daddy" is the best.  Your sweet little voice melts my heart!

Matthew Edward

Height: 35 inches - 70%tile
Weight: 24 lbs 6 oz - 10%tile
Head: 19 cm - 45%tile
BMI: 14 - 13%tile

Diaper Size: 4's day and night
Clothing Size: 18 and 24 month shirts and 12-18 month pants

Favorite Food - mac n' cheese, fries, chicken nuggets, any and all kinds of dipping sauces, chips and salsa, bagels, suckers, fruit snacks, powdered doughnuts, cheese
Favorite Songs - Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald had a Farm, your Go Fish Cd,

Favorite Books - books that have sounds and flaps 
Lover of - his blankets, climbing all over, balloons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, light switches, playing in water filling up cups, baths, being chased, piggy back rides, open gym time at Perpetual Motion, pushing the handicap buttons to open doors
Favorite Phrases - "Uh, Oh!", "ball", "cheeeese" (for mac n' cheese)
Favorite Toys - cars, Hot Wheels track, puzzles, kitchen set, Lil' Coupe Car, sit on and ride car/fire truck, Lego's, playing games on my phone, slides, painting
* Becoming Mr. Independent!  You want to start to do things yourself.  You help put on your clothes, jacket, socks and shoes.  Want to get out a plate, utensil, and sippy cup yourself and then will climb into your high chair yourself.  You want pour your own drink, put the ice cubes in it, and then help screw on the lid.  You like to help me with the laundry by handing me clothes from the hamper to be placed in the washing machine.  You try to help sweep the floors with my broom, but the handle is a bit long. (I need to find you one your size)  You want to brush your own teeth.  You'll get a Kleenex and try to wiped your own nose.
* Can be very particular about certain things.  You don't like your hands and face dirty and will hold out your hands or point to your face when you want them wiped.  You point to where on your tray you want your food placed.  When you eat doughnuts you want to have two at a time.  You want to sit in sister's car seat and use the same high chair every time.

* You'll go downstairs to the playroom all by yourself.  You turn on the lights in the basement and know to turn them off when you are done and come back upstairs.  Smart little man!

* Loves to throw away trash in the garbage.  About 80% of the time the things you do throw away are garbage.

* Has had 4 haircuts.

* You amaze us at how well you can follow directions, even 2 step directions.  You really observe and soak in everything we do and say even though you don't always vocalize it to us.
* Could sit at the sink and pour water into cups and bowls all day!
* Celebrated your 2nd birthday party on March 9th.  It was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party.  You had a blast at the indoor play area going down the slide a million times over and over again!
* Can climb into your car seat yourself once in the car.  And can recognize our car (from a ways away) and walks to it when we are in the parking lot.

* So busy but yet such a snugly little boy!

* Loves to be a helpful brother and wants to bring items to Kate.  You get upset when you try and hand her something and she doesn't want to take it.  You start getting upset and become frustrated and will try and pry open her hand as to force her to take it.

* Awesome at matching two pictures together.
*  A month after your 2nd birthday we took away pacifiers. You had a few rough naps and bedtime the first two days.
* Saw your first movie, "The Croods", in the movie theater. The four of us went and had a blast!  You sat with Daddy the first half but then decided you wanted to sit with Mommy.

* You were not a fan of getting your pictures taken at the 2 year old shoot.  As you can tell from the pictures - your funny faces and piercing your lips together.

* You're becoming more vocal and will talk/make noises especially while you're playing.  You try and repeat words and love to point out things around the room or while driving in the car.  We can tell you are wanting to say more and are excited about trying to repeat words after us.

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