Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Much Turkey?!

I feel like my stomach has grown or popped out while I was home for Thanksgiving break.  Many teachers commented on how I looked bigger when we returned to school on Monday.  One of my students from last year (he's now in 4th grade) overheard a teacher make that comment to me and didn't skip a beat and said to me as serious as could be, "Or maybe Mrs. Willms is just eating too much food."  Got to love the minds of 9 year olds.

21 weeks - looking a little tired.  It was waaaay past my bedtime at this photo shoot.

Kevin and I had a great time back in Iowa over the holidays visiting our family and friends.  The babies enjoyed going to watch their aunt Jenny at the UNI volleyball game - they were moving like crazy while we were there!  One of my highlights was for Kevin to finally get to feel his little babies.  Such a cool experience to feel together and see the excitement on his face.  Kevin also got to experience shopping at the early hours on Black Friday.  He and my sister went to Walmart for their midnight sale.  He was a trooper because some of the items were ones that I really wanted.  And if you know Kevin, he does not like the shopping scene.  I am very excited about my new vacuum stick for our hardwood floors...thanks Hun!

Yesterday, November 29th, our friends Steve and Rachel had their twin girls - Julia and Fiona.  I ask you to add the little babies to your prayer list as they are in the NICU right now.  Hopefully mom, dad, and girls can all come home together soon.  I am so happy for Steve and Rachel and can't wait to meet their twin little blessings!


  1. You are getting a lil bigger. too cute. !! I love watching belly's grow, however do not like trying to figure out how to get rid of it LOL

  2. I'll say a prayer for them! You look great, I don't think you look tired! At least that is not what I look like when I am tired!