Saturday, November 20, 2010

Level 2 Ultrasound

On Wednesday afternoon Kevin and I went into our doctor's for the level 2 growth ultrasound.  During this ultrasound they measure body parts, the brain, look at the kidneys, etc on the babies to check for their development so far.  Everything is looking great and developing as it should for our little ones.  Both babies are the same size right now at 11 oz.  We both felt so relived to hear all is well - thanks for all of your prayers!  Our ultrasound took an hour and 45 minutes total so we were able to see a lot of baby A and baby B.  It's amazing how the ultrasound tec is able to navigate her way and figure out what was what.  I felt very confused at times.  Right now the babies are sitting "bunk bed style".  The little girl sits down low closest to the cervix.  She was harder to get a view of because her brother was kicking right by her head.  He is already picking on her....but we saw her throw her arms up as if to fight back. :)  The way the little boy is position made it a lot easier for the ultrasound tec to see everyything on him right away.

We did get a chance to view the babies in a 4-D ultrasound.  It was very cool to see their little faces - or what we could see of them so far.

Our little boy - both of his hands are up by his face. 

Baby girl - she didn't quite really want to give it up for the pictures.  She has her chin lifted up - to the right is where her little bro is trying to kick through.

These pictures are so much fun.  I am in love with them already!


  1. Awesome experience! I am so happy for you guys!

  2. thanks for sharing this 4D ultrasounds
    article can you share is there is any side