Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated a very special Grandpa and Great-Grandpa's birthday!  Grandpa Jim turned 89 years young!

Kevin's family had a party to celebrate his 89 years.  A time to celebrate our love for him and "a testiment to his longevitiy and endurance." (to quote Kevin Willms)

 Jim and his daughters

Grand kids and Great-Grand kids

 Grandma and Grandpa <3>
The several attempts at a picture with the great-grandparents.  Kate didn't want her picture taken.  She put up a fit, so Kevin tried holding her behind Grandma and Grandpa.  Makes me laugh seeing Kate just 'hanging out' in the back. :)

Kevin and I were so happy to be back to help Grandpa celebrate.  We loved being able to spend time with him and the twins were great entertainment for all!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! 
We all love you soooooo much!  xoxo

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