Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Working at the Car Wash, yeah!"

Mama is one lucky lady!  Grandpa and Matthew washed my car inside and out for me yesterday! 
Grandpa loved having his car washing helper!  Mr. Matthew was in heaven the whole time - loving to learn how to wash from Grandpa and being the one who operates the hose.  If there is water involved, pretty sure this little guy is going to jump right in and participate.

It's so fun right now, and can be challenging, to see how much Matthew is taking interest in doing what we do.  Becoming more and more Mr. Independent.  He's also been an observer, nothing gets by him, and now he asks to do the things he's been watching us do over time.  He's definitely growing up!
He then decided he wanted to wash his tri-cycle, too!  He soaped it up, rinsed it off, and then dried it.  Perfect!  Just how Grandpa showed him!  He now has a shiny trike!

Helping wash Mama's floor mats and hanging them up to dry.  Such muscles!
It was fun to watch the boys outside together doing "man things". :)
A big thank you to you both for making my SUV squeaky clean! Nothing better than a clean car!

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