Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fire Fighter Uncle Mike

After being at the petting zoo we headed to the fire station to visit my brother.  His station is close to the petting zoo, so he thought it would be fun to have us visit and show the station and the trucks to the twins.  

Matthew thought the big trucks were so cool!  You could tell by the BIG smile on his face that he thought he was BIG stuff!   The huge steering wheel was fun to 'pretend drive' with!

Kate had more fun running around the station chasing Matthew around the fire trucks.  Not surprising!

Both kids loved sitting in the back of the ambulance.  Kate called it a camper! Ha! :)  A favorite from the tour of the station was the room where the fire fighters sleep.  Kate and Matthew loved running from bed to bed and sitting on each one.

Lil' man trying on the big fire gear.  It was funny to watch him try and walk in those large boots!

Picture with the fire fighters in our family.

We love you Uncle Mike and thanks for your service to keep the community safe!

Thanks again for having us visit!!!!

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