Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Petting Zoo

I came back to Iowa by myself with the twins in the middle/end of August.  My first solo trip!  I'm happy to report that it went very well!  I left during nap time so the kiddos slept for a good portion.  The last hour was the most challenging.  Kate was so ready to get out of her car seat and was throwing some fits.  The trickiest part of traveling by myself with two toddlers is if I have to stop along the way.  My bladder doesn't usually make it for the full 3 1/2 hours.  Stopping at a gas station and all piling out doesn't sound fun to me. I especially didn't want to get Kate out of her seat and then have to fight her back in it again.  So I just keep truckin', improvised, and pushed through. 

Visiting the petting zoo back in Iowa was on our bucket list of stuff to do this summer.  The kids, my parents, and I went an afternoon while I was home.  I knew the twins would love to see the animals and feed them right from their hands.  I was right about one kid.  Matthew loved it!  Smiled the whole time!  I don't think he was ever afraid of the animals even when they got up close and personal to him.  Kate, well, she was NOT happy!  She cried the whole time!  She wanted nothing to do with being anywhere near the animals.  For that reason, Matthew is in almost all of these pictures.  

Petting the kitties.  He even picked them up and carried them around.

 Poor Taters.  She also wasn't happy because she wanted her Mama when she was scared, but I wanted to have my hands free to take pictures.

Matthew got to feed chicken feed to the chickens and carrots to the donkeys and llamas.

The chickens and geese swarmed all around once they spotted the ice cream cone filled with feed.  Matthew was a bit apprehensive at first as he watched all of the birds step all over his feet as they followed him around the pen.  Matthew followed Grandpa to go sit on the buckets and before they knew it the birds were flying on their laps.  Again, Matthew didn't get scared.  He looked at Grandpa to make sure it was okay and continued on holding the ice cream cone.  

In the end the big goose stole the rest of the cone right out of Matthew's hand and then took off with the rest of the birds following.  I was proud of my brave little boy because I don't think I could have been swarmed by all of those birds pecking at me for the food.

Love this picture of the three donkeys waiting to be the one chosen for the carrot.

The llamas were hungry too!

Days like these are my favorite.  Memories of Matthew's excitement, curiosity, and eagerness to feed the animals are ones I will treasure of their childhood.  Hopefully Kate will like it next time. 
 I also love being able to go to these places with grandparents.  They enjoy it and I love having the extra help and seeing special moments being created.  

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