Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More open gym fun! WITH 4 VIDEOS!

I've posted before about the open gym I take the twins to once a week. They love it and it's a good way for the kiddos (Matthew!) to burn off some energy!  So.ready.for.spring!

Last Tuesday, despite Kate having a fever off and on the day before, I decided to load the twins up and get out of the house.  (Little did I know of how the rest of my week would go with kids and sickness).

Matthew was quite the gymnast and spend most of his time completing the obstacle course over and over again!  Climbing and balancing is right up his alley.

And this time I am happy to report Miss Katers was quick to leave my side and play with the toys/equipment on her own!  It was awesome to watch her have confidence and become more independent more quickly this time on her own accord.

I had just as much fun watching them run around and explore!  Here are a few videos (4 of them total) and pictures I documented with my cell phone.

Video: Mr. Jungle Gym Climber
  Matthew probably did this loop for the first 30 minutes of our time there!
Video: Future Basketball Star Kate

Practicing his trapeze artist skills walking the balancing beam while holding the pool noodle.

Video: Jumping Buddies
Video: Balancing Act

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