Monday, March 25, 2013

MN Zoo Play date

Last Wednesday, the twins and I headed to the Minnesota Zoo.  (It was the first day of spring, but the temperature was 8 degrees.  Cold walk from our car to the entrance for a "spring" day.  It.was.freezing!)  We met there as a play date with our friends Julie and Jay.  And happy to report: no kids were lost or injured, none swallowed by any animals, minimal tears were shed, animals were seen, and tummies were fed.  In my book that ='s SUCCESS! 
The twins had been to the MN Zoo prior with us and Grandma and Grandpa Willms last year in May and then again in the summer for Kevin's work function.  I could tell since they were older on this visit they noticed and watched the animals more and enjoyed running around exploring the play areas.  Plus, it was great to hear Kate say the names of the animals and repeat back the information as I explained what was going on at the exhibits.
I did my best taking pictures when I could inbetween chasing and corralling toddlers!
Pictures from a fun toddler play area called, The Bee Hive.  The twins and Jay had fun climbing and sliding down the slide.  Of course.

Kate kept trying to climb up the slide.  At one point Matthew went over and tried to move her over as to tell her - Hey, you need to move and go down the right way.


Yup, he or "Linus" had to have his blanket.

Kate and Jay building a bee hive.

Hi Jay!

Jay loved wearing the construction hat.  Jay also wanted Kate to wear it and was chasing after her trying to put it on her head.  Kate just laughed and thought it was fun to be chased.
Matthew's giving the bee hive building a try.

Attempting to get a picture with all three kids on the turtle.  Didn't go well.  Kate ran off.  Then Jay ran after her.  I followed the two kids while Julie stayed with Matthew.  Jay came back.  Kate ran a little further away.  I finally got her and brought her back to the turtle.  Kate ran off again.  So, she didn't get her picture with the turtle.

Buddies checking out the animals.

Climbing through the log tunnel.  Matthew's following Jay.  He was a bit unsure at first but did it right after he saw Jay do it.

Both boys stopped together and sat and looked out the window at the animals in the water below.
The twins must have had a blast because they were both sound a sleep before we even left the zoo parking lot!
Julie and I want to take the kids again in April when they have the baby chicks' exhibit! That portion will be outside, so please warm up MN so we can start enjoying outside activities! 

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