Friday, March 22, 2013

A Mickey & Minnie 2nd Birthday!

Because of Kate and Matt's love of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I knew waaaay back this summer it had to be their 2nd birthday theme! 
Date was picked - Saturday, March 2nd, 2013.  Invitations were sent!
Framed it as part of the party decor.
That Monday (2/25), the week of the party, Kate came down with a fever at our play date.  She ran a high fever and slight runny nose for three days.  Then on Wednesday (2/27), their actual birthday, Matthew woke up with a fever.  Two sick kids on their 2nd birthday.  The plans I had for their special day didn't quite go as planned. 
Kate started feeling better later on Wednesday, but Matthew was only starting his sickness.  He continued to run high fevers, around 102-103.something, for the next couple of days.  I decided on Thursday evening to take him into Priority Care because his fever had spiked to 103.9.  Plus, I wanted to make sure if he did have something contagious then I needed to post-pone the party that night before people started traveling the next day.  Found out at the doctor's Matthew just had some kind of virus that has been lasting 3-4 days with high temps.  Doctor recommended not to have the party because chances of him feeling better by then would be slim. 
So, I got home, made some calls, and decided to push the party to the next Saturday, March 9th.  Unfortunately, my brother and his family and a few other friends, were not able to make the new date.  My nephew, Kaleb, was celebrating his birthday with his friends on that Saturday.  My brother decided to still keep their hotel room in our area so his two boys could go to the Mall of America on Saturday and then depending on how Matthew's feeling visiting us Sunday.  We were so glad we decided to move the party date because Matthew still wasn't doing well on Saturday.  Finally, Sunday was a better day towards improvement.  Matthew finally ate a little and had some energy.  My brother and family were able to come over and celebrate early with the twins.

The twins received lots of fun gifts.  We ordered pizza for lunch and the twins enjoyed playing with their new construction set with their cousins.  Thanks Uncle Mike, Aunt Melissa, Kaleb, and Evan for coming to visit and help us celebrate!
Now that the twins were finally back to being healthy, I was able to use the week to run errands for their birthday party.  Unfortunately, their birthday falls during Daddy's busy season.  In fact one of his busiest times of the year.  Kevin had been working into the wee early morning hours each day so that didn't leave me any time to go and run errands by myself.  So I did the best going to several places with two 2 year olds and making decorations when I could during nap and night times.  Definitely hard not having Kevin around, let alone see him much!
Tuesday evening, my girlfriend Lindsay (saving grace), came and helped me put up the decorations in the house.  It was nice to have all of that up and ready to go for the weekend so I didn't have to worry about it.  She also helped make them as well!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay!
Our Mickey & Minnie Mouse Clubhouse decorations:

"If you've got ears, say CHEERS!"  Mickey Oreo cookies - thanks Lindsay!

Mickey chain

Mickey and Minnie name signs

A place to leave the birthday boy and girl a message.  But, I forgot to point that out to our guests so we don't have any messages. ;)

Door sign
That Friday, my parents and Kevin's parents and sister arrived.  The twins were excited to see their family and stayed up late playing with them all! 
Saturday, March 9th, Party Day!  We first started the party at Look Out Ridge - an indoor play area for kids.  Our friends and my sister and family met us all there.  The kids had a fun time playing!
Matthew's favorite slide and the main part he played at.

Climbing up to go down the slide again.

Cousin Andrew

Aunt Kelly and Cousin Allie

Miss Kate - her favorite part is walking around or jumping in the jump house...but she has to have some one jump in there with her.

The twins' friend from our ECFE Friday class, Jay!

Kate climbing through the tubes with Daddy.

Grandpa Larry W, Grandpa Larry D, and Grandma Joyce

Mommy and the birthday boy!

Our friends, the Allen's, and their twin girls

Aunt Kelly and Katers

Matthew and Kate had so much fun climbing around and through everything with fun Aunt Jen!

Then it was back to our house at noon for pizza and cake.


Cake Time!  Minnie and Mickey Birthday cupcake cakes.

Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out their 2 candles!

Saturday, March 9th, was Grandma Joyce's actual birthday so she had her own special birthday cake and candles to blow out!

Make a wish Grandma!  2 candles for Grandma...she was celebrating her 2nd birthday, too!

A few pictures of them opening their gifts.
Matthew was more into unwrapping than Kate.

As a fun way to show who was at the twins' 2nd birthday, I had a 'photo booth' type picture idea planned.  Each family took a picture wearing fun accessories I had provided. 
Here is our wild and crazy bunch! :)
{The Breuner Family}

{Aunt Jenny}

Aunt Jenny and Grandma Joyce

{The Grandmas}

{Grandma & Grandpa Dufel}

Goofy!  Kate loved wearing those orange glasses upside down.

Love this picture!

{Grandma & Grandpa Willms}

Matt Looking Cool on his new sit n' spin!

{The Allen Family}

{The Kopp Family}

{Birthday Twins & Mom and Dad}
We had such a great day celebrating the twins' 2nd year!  Thanks for all of our friends and family who traveled to MN to share in on this special day with us.
We love you Katherine and Matthew and can't believe you are already 2!  We thank God for the blessings you have brought to our lives these past two crazy years!
"Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him."
- Proverbs 127:3

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