Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 22 Months & 21 Month Stats

The day after Christmas, the twins turned 22 months.  Only two more months until these two little, crazy hooligans turn 2! {sigh}
I'm sure I say it every month, but I am loving this age!  Kevin and I enjoy are enjoying every minute.  Kate and Matthew are so much fun now and amaze us with all of the new skills they learned everyday.  And Kevin loves being able to horse around with them!
I'm soaking in all of the memories of the day: Matthew's little legs going a mile a minute around our house, Katers' sweet girl voice saying all of the Mickey Mouse Characters, Matthew's constant "uh-oh's" for everything, chasing them around the house as they giggle, reading books, tickling Kate after she says "get me!", and the quiet times just snuggling that I know will not last forever.  So many things to be thankful for!
A little late, but here are some of the things the twins were up to last month at 21 months.
Katherine Ilene:
November 27th - December 27th
* Can count to 10 all by yourself.  You have been doing this for awhile but now are counting objects or things you see in your books.  You will point to or move the object as you count it.  No matter how many, you will always count ten counting a few again until you get there.  Daddy was even tossing up a tennis ball and you counted how many times he threw it up and caught it.  Impressed us!
* You can identify two colors: green and purple.
* Your new favorite phrase is, "I stuck!"  You especially use it a lot when Matthew has tackled you and you're pinned to the ground or in your highchair or carseat. 
* We ask you what what Santa says and you answer "Ho, Ho, Ho."
* Love anything that has animals on it!  You'll name the animal and then make their noise.  Your favorites (and ours too) are the sheep, cow, and horse.  You heard daddy say, "Holy cow!" and you immediately turned to him and replied back, "Cow, Moooo!"  You know a lot of animals and their sounds: cow, horse, turtle, goat, rooster (love the sound you make for that as well!), snake, duck, lion, fish, elephant, sheep, monkey, bunny, dog, cat.
* Teething again!  You're getting in your two year molars.  You haven't been sleeping as well and chewing on your fingers, blanket, and paci.
* Had your first haircut at Kids' Hair on Dec. 16th.  Mommy took you and you weren't a fan of the whole thing.
* Favorite food this month - clementines.  That's all you wanted to eat while we were home for Christmas.
* Celebrated your 2nd Christmas.  You weren't too interested in opening presents yet and more interested in what was going on around the room.  Your favorite gift was the Mickey and Minnie & Friends figurines from Santa.  You carried them everywhere lining them up on the floor, windowsill, boxes, or where ever.  You also visited Santa with Mom, Dad, Grandma Carol and Grandma Joyce back in Cedar Falls.  You were okay with Santa until it was your time to sit on his lap.  We ended up with a family picture with Santa to help both you and Matthew from crying/being scared.
* Your two favorite songs are still: 'Old McDonald had a Farm' and 'Wheels on the Bus'.  You sing them all of the time and bob up and down to the beat as you do it.  If we even name an animal you will start singing 'Old McDonald'.
* You like to play with Matthew and will do so by following him around the house.  You smile and giggle as you do it.
* Love to be tickled!  Daddy taught you to say "Get Me" and then we will start to tickle you.  You laugh so hard!
* Most questions we ask you are answered with a "No!"  You haven't learned yes yet, but we do know you want something because you will repeat the word.
* Says excuse me after you burp.  You think you're cool and will keep fake burping just so you can keep saying it.  Stinker!
* Loves circles and you are always wanting me to draw you one or will point to any one you can spot.
* Your little memory is like a sponge.  I can't believe all of the things you say that you've remembered what we have said.  You copy us by now saying, "Here you go", "good boy" (talking to Matthew), "oh no you dropped it", "close it", "no touch", "what's that, what's that, a  _____?" (while pointing at an animal).
Matthew Edward:
November 27th - December 27th
* You're fascinated with with - flashlights, light switches, and buttons that light up.  You constantly have light switches on your brain as you're either pointing to them or trying to reach up and turned them on.  You love to figure out what light each switch turns on.
* Celebrated your 2nd Christmas back in Iowa.  You unwrapped some of your gifts, but would get distracted by wanting to play with the toy you just got.  Your favorite Christmas gifts were your drill from Bruener's and your flashlight and Slinky from Gma and Gpa Willms.

* You surprised us and did great, for the most part, at leaving the Christmas tree alone.  Sometimes you would touch the lights, ornaments, or ribbon.  You only had one time were you pulled too hard on an ornament and I heard the tree come down on you.  You were definitely scared and I had to lift the tree up off of you.  Mommy was so thankful she got all soft ornaments for the tree this year.  Occasionally we did find some "extra" things decorating our tree - legos, plastic cups, and crayons. ;)  Definitely added more Christmas spirit to our tree!
* You had another bad ear infection right before Christmas.  It took awhile and strong med to clear up.
* You try to count along with us as we count to 10.  You get excited when we get to 10 and throw your hands up.  We are so proud of you for trying to mimic the sounds and count along.
* Been trying to sing and clap along to songs we sing at home or at your ECFE class.  Occasionally you will bust a move and dance/or hop around.
* Love chicken nuggets especially with either sweet n' sour or BBQ sauce.  Still loving your dipping sauces.
* Been a bedtime champ!  You love your bedtime routine: turn on sound machine and projecting light, push play on CD player for nighttime CD, and then pull the cord to close the blinds.  Then we lay you down, you give us a kiss, and then we cover you up with your 2 favorite blankets.
* You love to give kisses!  And if you start giving someone a kiss you have to then make sure you give everyone in the room a kiss, too!  Such a little lover boy.
* Finally found a veggie you like to eat alone - french cut style green beans.
* Doing a great job on making the "b" sound as you are working on that sound in speech.
* Love to tackle your sister!  You will purposely lay on top of her and not get up as she tries to get free.  You also love it when she chases you around the house.
* Always wants to play with water in the sink.  I sit you up at the sink and you will fill up little plastic cups over and over again.  This is when I wish it was summer so we could play with the water table and hose.

Pictures of them being coloring buddies.  This past month all they want to do is color.  Anytime Kate spots any kind of writing utensile she says, "colors, colors", meaning she wants to sit and draw.  We definitely can't leave any pens or makers around the house in their reach...otherwise we will have color markings everywhere! 

 Tongue out and concentrating on her drawing!

 double fisting!

"Let me add to your drawing, Sister."

Matthew moved to sit closer to Kate.  Probably so he had a better reach to color on her paper.

 I think it's so adorable to see them sitting by each other and coloring nicely.  Best friends for sure!

Inspecting the Christmas tree for the first time.

Putting his mouth on the lights.  Or he would also stick his paci on the lights.  Weird? ;)


  1. LOVE seeing them color side-by-side!!! (You must have figured out the picture thing huh?!?)

  2. I had to put the pictures on by going through Picasa online album. Took forever to upload my pictures on to it, but finally got. So not good at computer stuff sometimes and Picasa has so much to it!