Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 23 Months & 22 Month Updates

Today the twins turn 23 months! One month away from being big two year olds.  I'm not sure I'm ready for you two to be that old already.  Where is the time going?!  Guess I better get started on making party decorations for your Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday theme!
23 Month Stats:
Kate - 30 lbs
Matthew - 27 lbs
Katherine Ilene:
December 27th - January 27th
* This month you learned the shapes: star, heart, triangle, and diamond.  You already knew circle(which still are your favorite) and square.  You love to have us draw the shapes and you tell us what we drew or you will say the shape for us to draw.  You also love to have us draw a bunch of the same shape and then count how many there are total.
* Along with your shapes, you have started to identify them in your environment.  For example, you will point to our watch and say circle, a tile on the kitchen floor and say square, or the doctors swivel stool seat and say circle.  It's so fun to watch you put all of your knowledge together and link it to other things around you.
* You can now count to 12 and sometimes to 15 but with help.
* A few times I have overheard you count backwards from 10 to 1!  Awesome Katers!!!
* You like to point at our face and locate and name: eyes, nose, and mouth.
* You didn't want to fall asleep as well this month as you normally do.  Not sure if being back over Christmas got you off your normal routine, you got scared at some point, or because of your teething it difficult for you.  It has taken almost a month after Christmas to get you to fall asleep without crying a lot in your crib first.  Definitely hard to hear you cry so hard when we weren't use to you doing that, plus, you started to cry out for us saying Momma and Daddy while crying.  Hearing you say our names made the whole crying experience even harder for both dad and myself.
* Love to look at family pictures and name everyone in it.
* Can say pretty much anything we tell ask you to.

* Still love animals.  Love to name them, locate them, and make their animal sounds.  Cows are still your favorite animal.
* You and Matthew did a complete role reversal this month and now you have become the hard, crazy one to dress and change your diaper.  You put up a fight not wanting to sit still or kick your feet.
* Greets me in the morning saying, "Good morning, Mama!"
* Loves to bounce on the couch or throw all of the pillows off or stack them into a big pile.
* Per recommendation from your Peds doctor, we took you to a Peds Gastroenterologist doctor to help figure out your constipation problem.  At the end of Dec./beginning of Jan. you especially were having difficulties and were not going for at least 8 or 9 days.  We have been struggling with constipation since you were a baby.  We had tried Miralax and some prescription laxatives but had no consistent luck.  The first part of January, Mommy took you to the Gastroenterologist.  They took blood work to rule out some food allergies, diabetes, and thyroid and luckily the results can back normal.  As of right now, the doctor wants us to go back to using Miralax but this time up your dose until I find the magic mixture for you.  We are to try that for the next couple months.  To also help you I have you take a pro-biotic once a day and you visited the Chiropractor for the first time.  So far you have gone twice and he's had luck with getting an adjustment in the area of the back that controls the digestive track.  Since doing all of these tactics, we've had overal good luck.  Definitely hard to find that "magic dose" that doesn't have you go too much (we had some of those days!!) or cutting back and then not going for days again.  We are hopeful and just are excited your able to go without struggle or pain.
* Last week you went back to Iowa with Mommy and Matthew since Daddy is busy at work.  Of course, both you and Matthew started feeling sick while we were there and so we took you into the doctor.  You had an ear infection, sinus infection, and strep throat.  This is your first time with strep throat.  I was thinking your ears were bothering you, and have been bothering you for most of the month so I was glad you finally went to the doctor to have them checked out.  Hopefully after your ear infection is cleared that will also contribute to helping you sleep better.
* The four of us went to Look Out Ridge (an indoor play area) for a Saturday for the first time.  You weren't too adventurous at first, but you decided to finally warm up right before we left.  You also were struggling with needing to poop.  We knew you were close so we decided that was a good time to leave.  Good thing we did because on our way back home you had a BIG blow-out in the car seat!  It was a crazy, hectic time of cleaning you and our car up once we got home!
* You celebrated your 2nd New Year's with Great Aunt Mary and Heimy.
* Aunt Jenny came to visit and was able to attend your Friday ECFE class with us.
Matthew Edward:
December 27th - January 27th
* Climbed out of the pack n' play at Grandma and Grandpa Willms' house over Christmas.  Luckily Daddy caught you since you were going head first.  No more pack n' plays now.
* Mastering puzzles - moves the piece around until it fits into the space correctly.  You do get frustrated if you don't figure it out fast enough and then you throw the piece.  Ugh...let the 2's begin.
* Making progress with your speech is working on your sounds.  Can say: bye, see ya, hi, momma, please, fries, bounce, and cheese.  And you can hear you try and say: "1,2,3 Go!" and "Ready, Set, Go!"  Both are phrases your working on in speech.  Also has been counting...we can tell he is saying the numbers while counts his figures or objects.  Can make out the numbers one and two the best.

* Played in the snow for the first time with Grandma Joyce back in Iowa over Christmas break.
* You love to play with your new kitchen set you got for Christmas from Gma and Gpa Dufel.
* Along with your speech, you're so much better at saying the beginning sound of words with the letters b, p, and d.  We can definitely hear those constant sounds.
* Likes to drink out of a regular glass and does pretty well with it now.
* Loves to help me with household chores: throws away trash, wipes up the floor, tries to fold clothes, uses my broom to sweep, grabs napkins off the table to clean his own face, ect.  My little helper!
* Got an electric toothbrush to help with having the sensation in the back of his mouth per recommendation from the Speech O.T.
* Great lately at laying still for diaper changes and getting dressed!!!  You and Kate have switched places.  You also have been an all-star sleeper and been going to bed like a champ!  Sometimes I hear you and Kate jabbering back and forth to each other until one of you falls asleep.
* Getting better at having the water poured over your head during bathtime.  A lot less tears!
* Still loves light switches and will climb up onto anything or use anything to reach the light switch.  If we pass one you see you will cry and point back at it and will do that until we take you back to it to turn it on.
* Hasn't been interested in drinking milk this past month.  All you want is water or juice.
* You went back to Iowa for a week with Mommy and Kate and stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Dufel's house.  While we were there, of course, you got sick and we had to take you and Kate into the doctors.  You had a sinus infection and were treated for strep throat.
* Aunt Jenny came to visit and went to your Friday ECFE class with us.
* You celebrated your 2nd New Year's with Great Aunt Mary and Heimy.
* Had your 3rd haircut and Aunt Jenny got to go along.  Thankful for Mickey Mouse and suckers...those two helped keep you busy and not scared.  You now love suckers!
Now pictures from this past month!


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