Monday, January 14, 2013

ECFE Class & Kevin's Birthday

On Friday, December 21st, Kevin took the day off so he could go to the twins' Incredible Years class.  I always enjoy having him come and see the kids in the classroom setting.  The next morning we took off for Iowa to start our Christmas break.

Love the magnetic board

Yup, Kate brings her monkey blanket to class with her.  She needs her safety blanket when us parents leave for a bit for our parent education portion.

building a tower

getting some help from dad

 That Sunday, we celebrated Kevin's birthday, his last one in this twenties by the way, while we were back in Iowa for Christmas. 
We decided we would take the twins to see Santa that morning at the Cedar Falls mall.  We had tried to go visit the 'big, jolly guy' in the cities but turned right around and left when we saw the line!  Both of the grandmas also went along to the mall with the four of us.  When we got in line (a short one this time) both Katherine and Matthew had no problems.  We were explaining that was Santa and they were going to sit on his lap.  While waiting Kate kept saying, "Ho, ho, ho!" as we pointed out Santa, and both loved watching all of the people around them.  Kevin and I were thinking this might be a good visit with Santa.  I was trying to be hopeful.  When it got to be the twins' turn, both immediately didn't like the idea of Mom and Dad putting them on Santa's lap.  So...the twins' Santa picture turned into a "Santa family photo".  Both Kevin and I felt really cool posing with Santa and having our parents behind the camera lady acting goofy to get the twins to smile.  Matthew was fine once he knew we weren't leaving his side, but Katherine still wasn't a fan of the whole situation.   
Here's our picture with Santa.  It didn't go as well as last year when the twins were only 10 months old, but I'm glad we got a picture. (Sorry for the picture quality...I took a picture of the picture.)

I also took some pictures afterwards at the mall's snowman cut-out.
Snowman Matty

Miss Snow girl Kate

"what, Santa is coming tomorrow night?"

Later that night, we went to my in-law's house for a pizza birthday dinner with family and Dave and Carlene (she's birthday buddies with Kevin...born the same year, even! :)).  I of course brought along my new camera and took a lot of pictures to try it out. 
Great Grandma Ilene and B

Grandpa Willms, Katers, Allie, and the birthday boy

Grandpa Dufel and Tater

Nice Aunt Jenny let Matthew play with the water for a long time.  More water pictures to come.

Daddy and his girl

(love Kevin's grandpa in the background of these two pictures)



Hugs for Aunt B
Playin' in the sink

He loves to pour water back and forth from cup to cup

Smiles with Grandma Joyce

and we are back at the sink!  Love the little man's excited smile!

Matthew thought it was hilarious to walk under our legs as he pushed the shopping cart.

Going through B's legs!

This is GREAT guys!

Of course, Taters and Monkey

Happy girl

Allie pushing Matthew in the shopping cart

Love my niece Allie!  Such a sweetheart!  She had fun with Jenny's old dolls and stroller.

"Come on bro, keep up!"
At the end of the night the twins discovered Grandma's piano.  The piano was definitely a hit for the rest of our time back.

I'm hoping one of them will end up learning how to play!

We had a great day celebrating with Dad!  Can't believe how 'old' he is getting now being only a year away from 30!  Ha!

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