Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Perpetual Motion - Open Gym

Twice a week Perpetual Motion in Woodbury offers an open gym time for toddlers.  The kids and I have been twice now.  I heard about it through my friend, Julie, who I met through our ECFE class.  We decided to have a play date and check it out.  We went last Tuesday and then again just yesterday. 
The kids absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! {and so do I!}
The open gym has so many cool things for the kids to play on: many trampolines, gymnastic balance beams, blow-up jump house, slides, several foam pits, obstacle courses, balls, and much more.  Matthew's two favorites are the trampolines and the slide that goes into the foam pit.  Katherine has taken awhile each time to warm up and play on her own.  But once she finally leaves my side, she loves running around playing with the balls and jumping on the trampoline. 
I tried my best to take some pictures, but my camera doesn't do the best with movement shoots.  So, don't mind some of the blurry ones of Matthew jumping.  Maybe santa will bring me a new, fancy DSLR camera for Christmas that takes better action shots....right, Kev? :) 
(I did take lots of pictures, too!)
Fun obstacle course of things to climp on, up, and through.

going through the tunnel

Trampoline time!  You can also jump from the trampoline into the foam pit.

Loved his gallop jumping technique

Buddies!  Matthew and his friend, Jay.

Jumped into the foam pit!

Julie, Jay's mom, and Matthew

"Hey Jay, lets throw these foam blocks out here."

Kater running around, finally!  The floor is soft and a bit bouncy.


More jumping!

"Mom, watch me jump high!"

Learning some jumping moves from the instructor.

You can run on the red, foam piece (like a runway) and then into the pit.  Matthew needed a little help the first time since the drop was a bit high.

"Oh Yeah, I'm going to do it myself Mom!"

Jay going down the slide into the pit.  Matthew's favorite, too!

Kate's thinking about it.  She did get brave and go down once with my help.

Balancing all by himself!  He was a brave boy and just started walking on there all by himself after watching the other kids.

Head First! :)
I'm so glad Julie told us about this cool place!  It is nice to have her to go with.  She's great help with the twins and the kids love playing with Jay.  If you live in the area with young kiddos, I totally recommend this place!

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  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait to maybe try it out with you guys when we visit!!! :)