Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Camera Christmas Surprise!

Yes, I got a new camera!  I had been talking about wanting to get a DSLR camera back when I was on bed rest.  But, Kevin wasn't so sure about it since they are pricey.  So instead, I picked out a nice point and shoot.

I told Kevin a camera would be a great gift for me this Christmas.  He kept telling me no, too expensive.  My plan then was to use my Christmas money to put towards one if I didn't get it as a gift.  Totally thinking that was out of the question, though.

Well, my husband pulled a fast one on me and completely surprised me!  His birthday is Dec. 23rd. So the day we got back home to Iowa for the holidays, the 22nd, his parents said they wanted us to come over that night for Kevin to open his birthday gift early.  Saying it was something he would need in advance for his birthday.  So that night we went over there and his mom hands him his present.  I'm sitting next to him and he ask me to just open it up.  I refused because it is his gift, not mine.  (plus I hate opening presents in front of people.)  He keeps insisting I open it, so we settled on opening it together.  We unwrap it and it's a smaller box that says Canon on it.  I was confused.  This box was way to small to fit a DSLR camera in it, but I saw Canon written on the box.  I'm thinking - Oh no, he got me another point in shoot camera.  Kevin and his family are all looking around at me like what's wrong, why isn't she more excited?  I then open the box and it is an extra lens for a Canon DSLR camera.  Hmmm?  I didn't have that camera yet.  Kevin looks at his mom realizing she had wrapped up the wrong item in birthday paper.  The camera was suppose to be the birthday gift and then I would receive the extra lens on Christmas day.  We definitely got a good laugh!
So together Kevin and his parents got "us" the camera which was as all part of his birthday gift and both of our Christmas gifts.  So sweet of my hubby that he didn't ask for anything for Christmas and instead wanted me to get the camera.  Such an awesome surprise and his kindness and generosity made me feel very loved and special (plus it reassured me he does listen and pay attention to my constant rambling I tell him.) 
Thanks again Kevin and my in-laws, Joyce and Larry, for this wonderful gift.  And as promised, I will use it to keep adding pictures of your grand kids to the blog. ;)
So on Kevin's birthday, I spent the day getting a camera lesson from my brother-in-law and playing around with the camera features.  There is so much to learn, but I am planning on taking some classes to help learn all of the things I can do with it.  I love taking pictures and can't wait to learn more, and I have two perfect little people to practice my skills with.
Here are some of the pictures we took that morning playing around with the camera. 
Our cute niece Allie B

Grandpa Dufel and Matty

Rocking in the chair.  Love Kater's light blue eyes in this picture.

"Weee, Weee!"

Andrew, myself, and Grandpa Clause

Teething...hands in her mouth always.

Goofing around with the flashlight with Aunt Kelly


Kater and her inseparable "monkeys" blanket

Uncle Kev and his nephew look-a-like

Great Aunt B and Aunt Kelly

"Got your toes!"

Group shot


Trying to get a picture with Great-Grandma Ilene
So glad they thought of giving the camera to me early so I could use it over Christmas.  I can't wait to capture all of these 'fast pace, never stop moving' memories of our kiddos.

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  1. awesome!!!!!! best present ever! I love mine, as im sure you know ;)