Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy 21 Months and 20 Month Updates

Well, the month of November was a very sick one for both Kate and Matthew.  A time of first sicknesses that all came in one month.   Both kids had the flu over Halloween, Matthew's ear tube surgery, colds that led into croup over Thanksgiving, double ear infections, and Matthew coming down with the start of pneumonia.  You can definitely say it was a rather tiring month consisting of lack of sleep, lots of Kleenex, many trips to the doctors, syringes filled with antibiotics and Ibp, and snuggling!  We are happy to report, the twins are on the mend and finally playing and gaining back their appetites.  This November we are thankful for doctors, medicine, and our children becoming healthy again.

Here are the updates on Kate and Matthew at 20 months.

Katherine Ilene:
October 27th - November 27th, 2012

* You were weighed around 28/29 lbs at your many doctors appointments this month.

* Your Halloween costume was a cup cake.

* Started walking down the stairs!  You are going down feet first while hanging onto the railing or wall.

* You are constantly asking for pizza, nuggets, or bananas.  Oh yeah, and "flies" (fries) as you say anytime we go through any drive-thru.

* You have more and more parts of your favorite books and songs memorized.

* You love to do puzzles and the shape sorter.  The circles are still your favorite.

* You definitely know what you want and can communicate that to us.  Especially the word NO!  If you don't want something you will immediately push it away and tell us repeatedly, "no, no, no, NO!" in your sweet little girl voice.  Might be a bit sassy, Katers!

* Along with being able to communicate, you can tell us what kind of food or drinks you want.  This is very helpful.  You tell us: juice, yilk (milk), nanas (bananas), applesauce, nuggets, loops (Fruit Loops), crackers, fish (Goldfish crackers), etc. 

* You hate taking medicine.  Such a battle!

* Have most of the regular songs sung on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse memorized.  You love to dance along as you sing.  It's so cute to watch you bust a move! :)

* You randomly will list all of the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I think Pete and Daisy are your favorites.  You will also start listing all of the members of our family.

* Always, always asking to brush your teeth.  We can walk past the bathroom or a toothbrush of any kind without hearing "teeth, teeth".  You think it's fun to get your toothbrush wet and put the toothpaste on all by yourself.

* Love to color and say "colors" when you want to draw. 

* Sick Month!  Had some of your first illnesses: the flu, croup, and double ear infection.  You were sick at Halloween with the flu and had croup at Thanksgiving.  We had to take you and Matthew into the ER back in Iowa Thanksgiving night/Friday morning for croup.

Matthew Edward:
October 27th - November 27th

* Weighed 23/24 lbs at your many doctor visits this month.

* Your favorite new word this month has been, "Uh, Oh!".  You say it all.of.the.time!!!

* This Halloween you were a lil' dragon.  You did get to go trick-or-treating with daddy around our neighborhood.  You absolutely loved it!  You could have gone all night.  The rest of the night you helped Grandpa Dufel pass out candy.

* Love, Love, Love to color and draw.  It's all you want to do!  You have colored on our walls and doors.  Definitely have to keep a close eye on you...and buy washable crayons and markers!

* Besides coloring and drawing, your other favorite activity is to roll or drop things down the basement steps.  You'll say, "Uh, Oh!" as you watch it roll down the steps.  It's always interesting to see what has accumulated at the bottom of the steps at the end of the day.

* Learned how to give 'fists'.

* Still love to open doors, turn on light switches, push the buttons to open the handicap doors, and open the garage door.

* You're wanting to get more of your meals and snacks at the table instead of in your highchair.

* When you're hungry or thirsty you will stand by the fridge for us to open so you can point out what you would like.

* Can put yourself to bed! :)  We will say time for night night and you'll climb into the rocking chair next to your bed and then from that climb into your crib.  You grab your blankets from the crib railing, give us kisses, and then lay down to be covered with blankets.  Adorable and you are such a big boy (who's a bit of a monkey).

* Had tubes put in your ears on November 15th.  We already knew the doctor because I taught his son a couple of years ago when I was teaching in WI.  Pretty cool to have already known the doctor and trust him with your surgery.

* Helps us build tall towers and then will immediately knock them down.  You think it's pretty funny!

* Sick Month! Had the flu and croup for the first time. You were sick at Halloween with the flu and had croup at Thanksgiving. We had to take you and Katherine into the ER back in Iowa Thanksgiving night/Friday morning for croup.  Then the next week took you back into the doctor here and found out you now had a double ear infection and the start of pneumonia.  We had to use a nebulizer for breathing treatments to help your lungs.  Thankfully you are a trooper at taking medicine!

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