Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Playroom

Kevin and I have been working on cleaning out and organizing all of the stuff in our basement to make the area into a playroom for the twins.  Amazing how fast you accumulate stuff over time and after having kids!
We moved their outdoor toys (swing set, slide, cars) downstairs.  Worked out to be a great place to store it for the winter and then Matthew can still enjoy his slide and big, red car.  I also brought in the water table and converted it into a 'sensory table' for indoors.  Bringing back the teacher in me. 
The kids love the space to run around, and it works nicely to have another area to play during the days at home.  Now I'm working on how I want to decorate it and what other shelving I'd like to add.  Always a work in progress.
Playing so nicely together

stuffing the pom poms into the funnel

Matty's favorite spot - loves to watch stuff spiral down

I filled the table with fun tinsel pom poms, fall stickers, measuring cups and spoons.  Going to change it out with stuff for the seasons and holidays.  The tinsel pom poms were fun while they lasted.  Matthew thought it was a fun idea to start pulling all of the tinsel off which then was alllllll ovvvver our carpet!!!  {What was I thinking when I bought them?  Pulling them a part is an obvious thing he's do!}  A month later, and we are still picking up pieces of the sparkly, shiny tinsel out of our carpet downstairs and up. -sigh-

Both Kate and Matt love using the measuring spoons

Katers and the swing.  So cute when she says "weeeee" which sounds like "yeeeee" as she is swinging.

All smiles from this little man!

{We are going to have a fun winter by bringing the outside downstairs!}

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