Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

Well, Halloween went a little differently then planned this year.  I was soooo looking forward to taking the twins trick-or-treating since they were too little last year.  Unfortunately, I came down with the flu the Sunday before Halloween and was sick for most of that whole week.  Matthew then came down with it Monday afternoon but was feeling better by Halloween so he was able to go out and trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with Daddy.  But Katers, not so lucky.  She came down with the flu in the middle of the night Tuesday and wasn't well enough to enjoy the holiday with her dad and brother.  
Since I was sick and wasn't getting better along with both Kate and Matthew now having the flu, my dad decided to come up to help out Kevin take care of all of us.  He arrived Wednesday, Halloween, afternoon.  We prayed he wouldn't get the nasty flu that was going around our house.  (Which he did end up getting sick the evening he came home, and then my mom came down with it two days later.  Felt horrible that they caught it.)
Halloween night, my dad passed out candy at our house and Daddy and Matthew went trick-or-treating.  I did get some pictures of the action....then headed back to the couch to lay back down.

Getting ready to head out and trick-or-treat

excited boys
Daddy said Matthew LOVED going house to house getting candy.  After watching Daddy at the first house, Matty knew exactly what to do the rest of the way. He could have kept going all night, but his little hands and face were getting cold so Daddy called it a night. 

Stopping by our house, too!

So many choices

All done trick-or-treating

Katers' Halloween

going through his lute with grandpa

of course my dad said he has to have one piece of his Halloween candy

picking out which one he wants

chocolate bar, yum!

helping Grandpa pass out candy, still in his dragon costume - he wore the costume all night.  I think he would have gone to bed in it. :)

checking out the candy bowl for the trick-or-treaters....

and placing it in his pumpkin bowl.  tricky, tricky little man!

This little dragon had a great Halloween!  Next year hopefully you and Kate will get to trick-or-treat together! :)

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