Monday, November 12, 2012

20 Months & 19 Month updates

The pictures are ones my friend took at Monster Mash the Friday before Halloween. We met our friends Steve and Rachel and their twin daughters, Fiona and Julia.  Matthew's costume is a dragon and Kater a cupcake. The kids had so much fun playing games, jumping in the jump house, and rockin' out to the kids' band.
Back on October 27th, the twins turned 20 months. What! Only 4 months away from being 2 years old already! I better start the party planning. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get this blog post done as soon as I would have liked. The week of Halloween our family, except for Kevin, had the flu. It was a time for firsts. First time for me to be sick as a mommy and first time our little ones to have the flu. Thankfully, Kevin didn't get sick and was super dad and took off work to take care of all of us! So happy that experience is over and we are all back to normal health at our household. For now....tis' the season I guess.

Here are the new things Kate and Matthew have been up to at 19 months (the best I can remember now, so it might be shorter).

Katherine Ilene:

(September 27th - October 27th)

* You can now say the three best words a parent can't wait to hear: "Love you, Mama" and "Love you, Daddy". When we say I love you at bedtime you will go down the list of family members saying you love them too.

* You can say Grandpa and Grandma

* Your talking has really taken off this month! You are saying a lot of 3-4 word sentences. You love to mimic what we say. We now have a little echo in the room with us.

* We went back to Iowa at the end of September and you went to your 2nd cousin, Beau's, 1st birthday party. You also went to a pumpkin farm with Grandma Joyce, Grandma Carol, and Aunt Jenny.

* You're still a little book-worm. Your favorite books are: Argggghhhh Spider, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, and any Mickey and Minnie Mouse book.  You like to read the books out loud to yourself.  You are starting to have parts of those books memorized.

* You can point to and say "circle".

* You can also point to and say the body parts: nose, mouth, head, feet.

* You can make an animal sound for a sheep, elephant, cow, cat, dog, frog owl, bear.

* You love to tell people hi, good-bye, and see ya.

* Your favorite foods this month were: Lil' Crunchies or kid Cheetos (you ask for them constantly), peanut butter toast, pudding, cheese, milk, and turkey dogs.

* Mommy and Daddy have been church hunting this past month, so you have been going to church up here for the first time. You love to sit with us during the service. You are awesome during the service and sit and look at books and clap along to the music.

* Your top left molar came in! I knew you were working on a new tooth and was surprised to see it was one of your molars.
Matthew Edward:
(September 27th - October 27th)

* You had your first haircut at Kids' Hair on October 13th. You were scared sitting in the chair while the hair cut was happening, but you were brave and made it through. Mommy took you to the salon.

* You started a speech program through the school district in our county. You qualified for the program since you aren't verbally using your words. Your receptive language and motor skills are right on track, so this is to help you with talking and using your words. Once a week the speech teacher comes out to our house and works with you. So far you have had 2 sessions. You really like Jill, your teacher, and enjoy "playing" with her. I'm learning some great and helpful teaching skills to help you use your words along with some sign language.

* Along with language development, we went and had a hearing test done at an ENT to make sure you were hearing okay per the speech assessment team. You were also suffering with a cold for over a month at this time, so we took you to the doctor for a check-up. You had your first ear infection. Since the fluid didn't go away after two different antibiotics, you are going to have tubes put in your ears this month on the 15th. Hopefully this will also help your hearing which will in turn help with talking since you're not hearing the best with the constant fluid.

* You randomly like to walk backwards around the house. Come to find out you figured out how to walk backwards down the step in the living room.

* The words at this time you can say are bye-bye, hi, and see ya. The words we have been working on signing in speech are please, all done, and more. You do try and say please and more when you signing.  You're awesome at following our directions!

* Love puzzles and can do a lot of them by yourself now.

* Loves to help me put lids or caps back onto bottles.  You know what you're doing with all of that now!

* Loves to walk in and out of a room telling us "good-bye, see ya".  So cute!  You'll keep waving at us until you can no longer see us.

* You now have all of your teeth up to your 2 year molars. So glad the molars are finally in! Not fun!

* We went back to Iowa at the end of September and you went to your 2nd cousin Beau's 1st birthday party. Beau got a John Deere motorized gator and the two of you loved to sit in it together.  You also went to a pumpkin farm with Grandma Joyce, Grandma Carol, and Aunt Jenny.

* You have been an awesome sleeper! You aren't waking up at all most nights and are taking a 2 to 2.5 hour nap during the day. You go down for a nap around 12:30/1:00ish.

* You learned how to climb into your highchair. Ugh! You also love to climb up onto the dinning table. What a monkey!  Nothing is safe on the table or edges of counter tops. 

* Your favorite foods this past month were: bananas, waffles, cheese, strawberries, watermelon, and Greek yogurt.

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