Monday, December 17, 2012

Buzz cut, girly bob, and storytime

Earlier this month, Daddy took Matthew for a much needed 2nd haircut. It was waaay tooo looong! Sticking out everywhere. He looked like he constantly had wild, crazy, bedhead hair!
I was happy to hear the second time around was a more successful experience. No tears from Mr. Matthew! Big boy! The lady at Kids' Hair even used the trimmers on the bottom half. I was surprised the sound didn't scare him, but instead, Matthew smiled a bit because it tickled. Plus, an episode of 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' was playing and and you can count on that to distract him.
His hair is a lot shorter! Definitely has a big boy haircut that looks just like Daddy's.
Lil' Kevin Jr. for sure now!

Miss Katherine had her first haircut yesterday!  I had been holding out thinking I needed to wait until she had more hair and didn't wait to sacrifice and length that she did have.  But I decided it was time to chop the crazy 'baby mullet' that was growing in longer on the left side.  Now we can work on matching the length of the sides as that hair starts to come in more. She now has a little girl bob with stacking layers.  Fancy. ;)  Hopefully the hair cut will help her hair to start to grow a little faster now that she had some of the baby hair trimmed off.  Grow hair grow! {please}

Not happy!  She cried almost the whole time.

Poor girl...felt bad that she was so scared.

Trying to sit and be brave...or she was disracted by Mickey for a quick second.

Can kind of see the back stacking layers.

The after picture...but still wasn't happy.  I think Daddy has better luck and should take the kids from now on to their haircuts. :)
Wednesdays the kids and I go to library story time here in our town.  We have been going since August and both Kate and Matt love it!  The three of us have made some great friends and have enjoyed several play dates with them outside of story time.  It has been a great way for me to get connected to other at home mommies!
Sarah and Gwendolyn - Matthew loves snuggling up to Sarah during story time.  You will either find him sitting in Sarah's lap or the librarians'.  Such a snugly boy!

Our friends - Nicole & Gavin, Emily & Kolby, Sarah & Gwen (and of course my son).  Their kids are all within weeks old of the twins.

Kate rearranging every one's pillows that we sit on.  She has gained so much confidence and independence by coming to these outings.  She will now go and play all by herself and doesn't need me by her side (as much).  She absolutely loves library time because it's all of her two favorite things: reading books and singing songs!  It's so cute to hear Kate singing the songs at home that she learned here.

Nicole and Gavin

The librarian who teaches the class.  Matthew and Kate love her, especially Matthew.  He gives her hugs and sits in her lap as she leads the class.  So pretty much he's never sitting with me. :)
I'm so thankful for all of these wonderful opportunities offered by our community for the kids and us parents.


  1. Great recap! Tom says he wishes he could go to story time! :) I'd love these pics too if you get a chance.

    1. Yup, I'll email the pics to you, Sarah. Tom should come...way more fun than work! We need more males.