Thursday, October 25, 2012


A few weeks ago, when the weather was still warm, we took Matthew outside to play in the leaves (and burn off some energy).  Kate was still taking her afternoon nap, so Matty got some time with just mommy and daddy.
Matthew just enjoys running around outside in the yard.  But you do have to watch this little boy!!  Before you know it, he'll be across the street!
He also loves playing catch or kicking around the bouncy ball.  He thinks it's sooo funny if he rolls a ball down the driveway for us to chase after to then roll it back to him to repeat again!
lots of leaves!

decorating the garage door with the leaves?

some leaves for the baseball glove, too


going to get the mail after watching daddy. loves doing what we do!

investigates everything

new Nike kicks! now he can run even faster! ;)

see ya later, alligator!

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