Monday, May 21, 2012

What's been happening here

The Willms Family has been busy these past few weeks.

For my Mother's Day gift, I got to go to my first Minnesota Twins baseball game at the new stadium.  Kevin and I went to the game Saturday of the weekend of Mother's Day.  Our friend, Lindsay, babysat Kate and Matt for us that evening.  We even got to go out to eat downtown before the game, just the two of us!  I love, LOVED being able to eat my meal in peace, not having to share every bite, ate at my own pace, and didn't worrying about other people getting fed for once. ;)

Here are a few pictures I took at the game.

The PwC building, the company who Kevin works for, is in the skyline in the background.  (It looks really small in the picture.)  It's the one on the left that has a rounded top.  He doesn't work downtown too often because he usually is at the client's site who he's auditing.

MN Twins are #1...are so are Moms on Mother's Day!

I told Kevin to take a picture of me looking like I'm holding the Twins' Target Field sign and this is what he ended up taking.  I guess I didn't need to be in the picture. :)

For that dumb move I was quick to sneak a picture of him since he didn't want to pose for any.

The night of the game, Kate wasn't feeling the best.  When we left her with Lindsay she had a start of a temp and just wanted to sleep all day.  Poor thing.  Felt bad leaving her.  That night after we got home, she ended up waking up around 1:00 a.m. with a high temp.  She cried for quite  awhile not being able to get comfortable.  You could tell she didn't feel well.  I ended up sleeping with her out in the living room for the night.  But she was up a lot throughout the night.

The next morning, you could still tell she didn't feel the best, but her temp was better.  We decided to still go and run our errands for the day.  Kevin wanted to look for a new suit and I had some shopping I wanted to do.  Kate was a trouper through it all, but by supper time she had had enough.  Her temp started to rise again so this made our supper plans of grilling for supper a bit tough.  I wanted steaks, but decided on doing just hamburgers because we had stuff on hand for that already.  We quick ate and then tended to Kate for the night.  I wanted to get a picture of myself with the twins for Mother's Day but that didn't work out this year.  The poor girl ended up having a pretty high temp through the night, but finally by morning she started feeling better.  It was another rough night of sleep for us.  We're not use to those up all nights any more. :)  Not really sure what she was sick with.  Maybe a virus or something with teething?

Wednesday night, Kevin's Aunt Mary came up to stay with us for the night.  We were nice and had the kids stay up a bit later so she could see them before they went to bed.  :)  She stayed the night and then headed on to Fargo the next afternoon to watch Heimy run in the Fargo Marathon race this weekend.  I heard the race went well and we are so proud of her accomplishing her second marathon!  Way to go Heimy! 

This past weekend, my parents came up to visit and babysit for us.  They arrived Thursday night and stayed through Sunday.  I had a lot of projects planned for my parents to help me with.  Friday we got a lot accomplished!  My dad power washed our house and windows and screens on the outside while I cleaned them inside the house.  Then my mom and I (and with some help from my dad) picked out flowers and planted them in the front of our house.  Feels good to have my flowers planted for the season.  I don't know much about the different types of flowers/plants so it was nice to have help from my mom. 

Saturday I wanted to go to IKEA to get a bookshelf and a few other things since my dad had his truck to haul it.  This shopping trip took awhile, too many things to look at in this store!  Kevin stayed home with the kids to help make the shopping mission a little less stressful.  Later that afternoon all of us played outside while Kevin mowed.  Kate and Matt love being outside.  If Matt finds his shoes he will bring them to you to put on him to show us he wants to go outside. 

Matt especially liked playing in the rocks.  He would pick up a rock and place it in Grandpa's bucket.

Grandpa Dufel and Miss Kater

Love her expression - she has the best belly giggle to go with that BIG smile!

Matt sitting in "his" own chair

Had to pick up all of the 'stuff' in the cracks of the driveway and occasionally that 'stuff' would end up in Grandpa's bucket, too.

Grandma Carol and Matthew

Little cutie

That Saturday night my parent's babysat the twins while we attended Kevin's work Gala for PwC at the Minnesota Institute of Arts.  It was nice to have a night downtown, get dressed up, see some of our friends, and meet more of Kevin's co-workers.  We had a good time and enjoyed this year's Gala a lot more than last year's.  Last May we were definitely very sleep deprived and were walking zombies.  What a difference a year can make.

Thanks Mom and Dad for babysitting and for all of your help around the house.  We had a great weekend with you and Kate and Matt loved spending the weekend with you...showing off all of their new tricks/skills.

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