Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look who's taking some steps!

Tonight when Daddy got home from work he started having Kate work on walking.  Lately she has been loving holding our hands and walking around the house.  That's all she wants to do.  She looks so proud of herself especially when she walks past her brother.  She also likes to walk with her cart, but Matthew is quick to steal it away from her once he sees she has it.  Stinker!  And poor Kate can't use the cart and she's the one who needs it! 

Well, with a little help from Daddy, Miss Katers started taking some steps!  She is still a bit unsure and is quick to sit down after too many steps.  Watch out world {and Matthew}, this girl is going to be fully taking off in these next couple of days! 

We're so proud of Kate and look forward to watching her continue to master walking.

My absolute favorite part of the video is when she claps for herself at the end.  She looks so stinkin' cute clapping and getting excited for herself and seeing us gleaming with pride!  We love you, Tater!

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