Thursday, May 3, 2012

Backyard Fun

Kevin was able to get home earlier tonight which allowed us to have a family dinner and playtime with the kids out in the backyard.  Kate and Matt loved roaming around in the grassy yard.  We brought a few toys outside for them, but they were happy with playing in the grass and leaves and running around. 

For some reason he was wanting to push the fire truck on his knees.  Guess mommy needs to learn the tricks of how to get grass stains out of clothes.

Such a pretty girl!

He's lifting up the fire truck  up over the cement ledge...this little man is strong!

As you can see, Miss Katers got very dirty crawling around outside.

Tummy Tickle!

Silly Willms boys!

'Little Kevin' and 'Big Kevin'

Trying to be strong like daddy and lift Katers up, but she is definitely a lot heavier than bro!

Rushing over to Wiggles right after taking pictures with Kate to get leaves and dirt out of his mouth.

Had to watch this guy.  Everything started to go in his mouth.

Check out that hair in the back!  It's so wild and long.  Not sure if we need to start cutting it, but it's starting to look crazy. :)  We call it his 'old man' hair!

Our little man is starting to look like a toddler!

The night of playing outside ended with a much needed bath! 

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