Thursday, May 10, 2012

Video Updates

I caught Kate's two new skills on video: learning how to wave and saying her first word "cheese".  She now will start to wave if she hears you say "hi" or "bye-bye".  And of course, her first word would be her favorite food.  She knows exactly what it is.  When I go to the fridge and take out a packet of string cheese she will immediately start telling me, "Cheese!" 

(The video is a little all over the place.  I was recording it myself and trying to hold Katers off from the camera.)

I also was able to get a short video of Matthew's new skill.  He learned how to connect the linking beads to each other.  I showed him a few times first, then a little exploration time on his own, and  he was able to put the two correct ends together.  He loves to connect them.  Once he puts them together he will then hand them to me, make his "umm" sound, and I take them apart from him.  He then takes them and starts the process again.

One to None!  The twins were down to one bottle at night right before bed.  Now we can officially say a little over a week ago they had their last one.  I wasn't planning at that certain time specifically to be done.  It was more of a decision made on impulse after watching my son pour out most of his bottle all over Kate's cushion chair.  I told him right then that this was going to be his last one, no more bottles for him! (I was just a little upset.)  They are now only using sippy cups.  I will not miss having to wash the bottles and all of their parts.  For some reason sippy cups just seem a whole lot easier! 

You're growing up so fast Katers and Matty!

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